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Spicy Paneer Pakoda Recipe for Snacks

Spicy Paneer Pakoda | Cheese Fritters Recipe

Million Dollar Cheese Fritters or Instant Paneer Pakoda Recipe And when I say this is the ultimate Paneer Pakoda recipe you need in your life, I mean it! Because it meets every criteria that is expected from a festive party snack recipe. It is quick, basically needs simplest of all ingredients and gets done in…

Christmas Mince Pies Recipe

Christmas Special: Fruit Mince Pies Recipe

Move Over the┬áChristmas┬áCake Recipe & Try This Fruit Mince Pies Recipe Instead If you are planning to up your baking game this Christmas season, then you better get hold of these easy dessert recipes which will make your dinner table look loaded yet your life much simpler. I got this Fruit Mince Pies recipe when…

Bengali Aloo Chorchori recipe Palak Parantha Recipe

Palak Parantha | Spinach Flat Bread Recipe

Winter Special: Palak Parantha It’s winters and here comes the season of continued serving of paranthas. In different forms and multiple flavors! You just name it and I might turn it into a parantha. While the seasonal veggies are always good to go, I often turn up my leftover side dishes into hearty, delicious paranthas….

Dahi Vada Dahi Bhalla Doi Bora Recipe

Dahi Vada | Dahi Bhalla | Doi Bora Recipe

Bangali der Doi Bora or Delhi ka Dahi Bhalla! Whatever be the name, I am very sure you have already started drooling at the very thought of it. And, there isn’t any shame to it because this dish deserves such love towards it. After all, it is deep-fried and served with fresh yogurt and a…

Easy Christmas Plum Cake Recipe

Christmas Special Plum Cake Recipe

Rejoice Christmas With This Rum-Soaked Christmas Plum Cake Now, there are numerous versions of traditional Plum Cake recipes, which call for a number of alcoholic ingredient. However, I find this dark fruitcake with rum the perfect for this season. With a dash of our old favorite Old Monk rum and a hint of spices as…

Bengali Arhar Dal Recipe Panchphoron Dal

Arhar Dal | Bengali Split Pea Dal Recipe

No-Fuss & Simple Bengali Style Arhar Dal Recipe | Bengali Toor Dal Recipe Dal recipes play a very important role in Indian cuisine. If you take a close look at a typical Indian meal, you would inevitably find a lentil-based dal recipe which diligently fulfills its role of protein-provider to the majority of the population…

Sweet Pie Crust Recipe

Sweet Pie Crust Recipe

Pie Baking 101: Sweet Perfect Pie Crust Recipe This Pie Crust recipe is one of those recipes which you should probably stick at your refrigerator door if you bake dessert pies too often! I am serious when I say that it is just too hard to come across recipes that are absolutely fool-proof every time…

Christmas Gingerbread Cake Recipe

Christmas Special Gingerbread Cake Recipe

It’s Christmas already and its time to get on with our festive baking with this Gingerbread Cake recipe! So, I hope you have soaked your dried nuts and fruits for your much-awaited Christmas Cake. If you haven’t then there’s still some time to do so. Just follow this link for Christmas Cake Fruit Mix process…

Dhaba Style Dal Makhani recipe

Dhaba-style Punjabi Dal Makhani Recipe

How To Make Dhaba-style Dal Makhani at Home? Aren’t these some dishes which get associated to some of your memories. For instance, this Punjabi dal makhani recipe reminds me of our umpteen road trips we have had as a child and the lunch stopovers at rustic Indian roadside restaurants or dhabas as we call them…