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Eggless Banana Cake Recipe

Eggless & Diet Chocolate Banana Cake Recipe

Diet-Friendly Eggless Banana Chocolate Cake Recipe Trying to cut carbs and fat out of your life? But you do have a prominent sweet-tooth, just like me? Then this eggless Banana Cake recipe is perfect for you. Honestly, I worked out this recipe when I had to bake a cake for my parents who are under…

Super simple Lemon Curd Recipe

4-Ingredient Simple Lemon Curd Recipe

Frosting A Cake With Lemon Curd I think Lemon Curd is the easiest frosting you can make for your cake. Not only it is super easy and hassle-free. It requires very common ingredients, which are most of the time available in our kitchen. On the top of that, the tang of this frosting goes perfectly…

Easy Clear Chicken Soup recipe

How To Make Clear Chicken Soup

Does a bowl of soup remind you of winters? Well, we can all agree that soups are very comforting and hearty dishes. With a medley of vegetables and protein, they make a bowl a complete meal when had with a side of Garlic Bread or a simply toasted Challah. But, this clear chicken soup is so light that it…

Bengali Chana Dal Recipe Cholar daal

Cholar Dal Recipe│Bengali Chana Daal Recipe

This cholar dal recipe is the ‘queen’ of Bengali vegetarian recipes, which can be found to be part of every menu.  Now, if you have a close look at any Bengali vegetarian cookbook, you would quickly notice that every recipe is made without using onion or garlic. Especially the fasting recipes, which are completely devoid…

Healthy Nut Cake with SPRIG RedCha Hibiscus Glaze

Healthy Nut Cake Recipe & Simple Baking Tips for Beginners

If you have been following my food journey, then you probably know that I love baking all sorts of cakes. To be quite honest I think that a cake is like a blank canvas which can be painted in any which way. You can use multitude of flavors to add a hint of exclusivity to…

Bengali doi maach recipe

Doi Maach | Bengali Fish in Yogurt Curry Recipe

Bengali Doi Maach Recipe for Weekend Indulgences Fish holds a special place in Bengali cuisine. Its versatility makes it perfect for every occasion, as a part of meal plans. Starting with maach bhaja to maacher jhol, this is a must for a hearty Bengali meal. This doi maach recipe marks the beginning of the festive…

Traditional Christmas Cake Mixing

Moist Christmas Cake Fruit & Nuts Mix Recipe

It is that time of the year when we usher in the festive moments of Christmas with the annual Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony. While most of us are still hung up on the recently concluded series of Hindu festivals like Durga Puja and Diwali, the city is already gearing up for the upcoming winter merriment….

Basanti Pulao easy bengali pulao recipe basmati rice recipe

Basanti Pulao | Bengali Sweet Pulao Recipe

Basanti Pulao for all Bengali Festivities Bengalis love Rice and they love festive cooking. And what other recipe could be better fitting for any festive occasion, than Bengali Sweet Pulao Recipe or Basanti Pulao. It is a sweet and fragrant dish which simply plays on the aroma of the spices and the Basmati rice used…

Honey Chili Paneer Recipe

Honey Chilli Paneer Recipe

Easy Starter Recipe of Chilli Paneer Recipe Your search for quick and easy paneer recipes ends here because I have one of the simplest recipes which can even give chicken recipes run for the money. With availability of a variety of ingredients, making Indian-Chinese food at home has become a child’s play. And I am…

Bengali breakfast recipe aloo chorchori

Aloo Chorchori | Bengali Potato Stew Recipe

Ideal Bengali breakfast calls for Luchi Aloo Tarkari We Bengalis hold our luchi aloo tarkari combination very close to our heart. No celebration is complete without a sacrilegious meal of deep-fried luchi or Bengali pooris and a simple stew of potatoes. By now, you must have realized that we simply adore potatoes. Starting from simple…