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kolar bora recipe

Kolar Bora | Bengali Banana-Coconut Fritters Recipe

As you grow your palate matures as well. You start enjoying those dishes which you used to detest as a kid. Something like this happened to me with these Banana Coconut fritters, Sweet Banana Pakora recipe. Or, as we call them Kolar Bora. Earlier when over-ripened bananas weren’t baked into cakes and muffins, grannies would…

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Cake Recipe

Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl Cake for Lazy Weekend Baking When you can’t decide between a chocolate and vanilla cake, bake yourself a vanilla and chocolate marbled swirl cake. It is like having best of the both worlds on your plate. I know many houses which see them parted on the choice of flavor for their…

Bengali Chirer Pulao Recipe

Chirer Pulao | Bengali Poha Recipe

If Chirer Pulao Sounds Too Fancy, Then Poha It Is If Chirer Pulao sounds too much of glory then let me re-introduce this dish as a kind of Poha that is a staple across several households of this country. Rice being staple in this country, it is included in our diet in various forms. While…

how to make homemade yogurt at home epigamia fruit yogurt

How to Make Homemade Yogurt & Epigamia Greek Yogurt Review

Have you been buying your stock of Yogurt from market? How about making some easily at home!  Wow, did I scare you already? I know many of you have had a terrible experience in the past with making this at home. But let me tell you some of the things which might go wrong and…

Bombay Pav Bhaji Recipe

Pav Bhaji | Bombay Mix Vegetable Recipe

How many recipes can you claim that you know are super healthy and lip-smacking delicious? Well, this post is about that recipe which is absolutely delicious, even by a kid’s palate, and includes a bunch of vegetable rich in vital minerals and vitamins. This Pav Bhaji recipe is my favorite as I get to finish…

Bengali Tokk Dal Kacha Aam Dal Recipe

Kacha Aam Dal | Bengali Green Mango Dal Recipe

Summer Special: Kacha Aam Dal or Toker Dal There is only one thing that makes me wait for summers and that is Mango. Green as well as ripened, both are awaited with abated breath in my household. First one to reach the markets is always the Green Mango which makes delicious chutneys and a special Bengali sour dal…

BEngali Breakfast Recipe Hinger Kochuri Cholar Dal

Hinger Kochuri│Bengali Asafoetida-Stuffed Bread Recipe

Winter Delight: Hinger Kochuri & Niramish Cholar Daal I never realized this before, but when you translate Hinger Kochuri, you actually get yourself a tongue twisting English nomenclature for it. If we go for a complete translation, then it comes out something like this – Asafoetida-stuffed, Unleavened, Deep-fried Indian Bread. Well, however bombastic it may…

BEngali vegetarian recipe alur dom

Niramish Alur Dom│Bengali Potato Curry with Peas Recipe

Continuing with my collection of vegetarian recipes, today I am sharing vegan, as well as, vegetarian or niramish dum aloo recipe. To be completely honest with you, I don’t remember making dum aloo with onion and garlic ever. Although I know how to make Punjabi dum aloo, I am extremely partial to this recipe. And…

Bengali kosha mangsho recipe bengali mutton curry recipe

Kosha Mangsho│Bengali Mutton Pot Roast Recipe

Authentic Kosha Mangsho Recipe For Lazy Sunday Luncheon The Bengali Mutton curry or jhal jhal mutton kosha is something that we all have grown with. Taking you all back by few years, when mutton prices weren’t as steep as they are today, a Bengali household on Sundays would not pardon a meatless meal for lunch….

Bengali vegetarian dishes bhuna khichuri recipe

Bhuna Khichuri│Bengali Spicy Mung Bean Pilaf Recipe

Khichuri or Khichdi does not always have to boring and simple. This can be made quite interesting in much simpler ways. So, presenting a Bhuna Khichuri recipe, that can add some spice to the gloomy and rainy day. It is almost as if it’s in our genes that once it starts raining, our soul craves…