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BEngali vegetarian recipe alur dom

Niramish Alur Dom│Bengali Potato Curry with Peas Recipe

Continuing with my collection of vegetarian recipes, today I am sharing vegan, as well as, vegetarian or niramish dum aloo recipe. To be completely honest with you, I don’t remember making dum aloo with onion and garlic ever. Although I know how to make Punjabi dum aloo, I am extremely partial to this recipe. And […]

Bengali kosha mangsho recipe bengali mutton curry recipe

Kosha Mangsho│Bengali Mutton Pot Roast Recipe

Authentic Kosha Mangsho Recipe For Lazy Sunday Luncheon The Bengali Mutton curry or jhal jhal mutton kosha is something that we all have grown with. Taking you all back by few years, when mutton prices weren’t as steep as they are today, a Bengali household on Sundays would not pardon a meatless meal for lunch. […]

Bengali vegetarian dishes bhuna khichuri recipe

Bhuna Khichuri│Bengali Spicy Mung Bean Pilaf Recipe

Khichuri or Khichdi does not always have to boring and simple. This can be made quite interesting in much simpler ways. So, presenting a Bhuna Khichuri recipe, that can add some spice to the gloomy and rainy day. It is almost as if it’s in our genes that once it starts raining, our soul craves […]

Bengali Chicken Rezala recipe

Chicken Rezala Recipe

Festive Bengali White Chicken Korma or Mughlai Chicken Rezala Recipe Not everything that glitters is gold, and every curry has to be red! Synonymous to our varied cuisine, our curries also come in various types and colors. Ranging from red to peaceful white, each one is unique on its own and can give a tough […]

kachkolar kofta curry recipe bengali vegetarian food

Kanchkolar Kofta | Bengali Green Banana Kofta Curry Recipe

কাঁচা কলার কোপ্তা: When Life Gives You Kanchkola, Make Kofta Out It! Does it ever happen to you that you buy something but later regret doing that completely? Well, that is exactly what happened with me when I bought a bunch of Green Bananas on my previous visit to the local grocery store. I regretted […]

maharashtrian malvani mutton curry recipe

Malvani Mutton Curry Recipe

A Recipe from the Era of Bajirao – Malvani Mutton Curry I have been on a look-out for an easy mutton curry recipe for quite sometime now. Now, the reason being, both me and S are not much fond of chicken, but we have been told to follow a high protein diet. So, we have […]

vanilla sponge cake recipe

Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe

As Julia Child said, “A party without cake is just a meeting”, I would extend that by saying that a life without cake isn’t worth living. Right from birthdays to weekend celebrations, one thing that sets the celebratory menu apart from any other is the presence of a decadent cake that adds to the glory […]

keema anda bhurji recipe

Anda-Kheema Bhurji | Egg-Minced Chicken Stir-fry Recipe

Life is All About Making the Best Out of Leftovers! If you are wondering if Priyanka has turned into a live philosophy preaching blogger, then take a deep breath as I am also standing just where you are in terms of understanding the fine prints of life! I am simply stating the fact that I […]

Tiramisu Recipe

Italian Tiramisu Cheat-Recipe

Best Tiramisu Recipe: Cheat Recipe For Dessert Lovers This recipe is an easier rendition of the classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu which includes layers of Savoiardi biscuits filled with filing made up of Mascarpone Cheese.  My simple tiramisu recipe includes alternatives to some of these ingredients which are not readily available in our pantry, when our […]