Majnu ka Tilla New Delhi Tibet Market

Majnu ka Tilla: Tibetan Culture Center of New Delhi

It is not unusual to see a Tibetan child at Majnu ka Tilla, offering prayers at the monastery while people like us standing behind and observing their culture with an amazement.

majnu ka tilla monastery lights

What started as a refuge center to the exiled Tibet residents, has now prospered into one of the biggest and most-sought after markets in New Delhi. It was in the decade of 60’s when the Tibetan refugees were allocated this stretch of the city for their establishment. They brought along with themselves, their rich cultural heritage and Buddhist way of living which quickly transformed this place into a thriving Monastery market, as it stands today.

Many of the present residents of Majnu ka Tilla are those who were displaced from Tibet and chose to make India as their home. In mere few decades they have completely transformed this part of the city into a cultural cauldron. Here you can see a unique amalgamation of cross-cultural influence. This in turn has lent a vibrant touch to the multi-cultural diaspora of this city.

Majnu ka Tilla New Delhi tibet Market

It is not unusual to see a Tibetan child offering prayers at the monastery while people like us standing behind and observing their culture with an amazement. Though Majnu ka Tilla market place is largely known as a shopper’s delight, Monastery Market boulevard gives you the perfect location to sit back and relax, only to find some solace of peace among the chaos of daily life.

Majnu ka tilla buddhist monastery

Gem Of Majnu ka Tilla Market: Ama Cafe

A blink-and-miss flight of stairs leads to a delightfully cheerful cafe, popularly known as AMA CAFE. This small cafe, perched on the first floor above the shops starts enchanting you, even before you step inside. Tastefully done interiors welcome you to a perfect hangout spot where you can spend numerous hours with your friends over numerous servings of coffee and snacks.

Gather around a stone finish table and start ordering from an elaborate menu of delicacies. The barista is a nice fellow who would take great amount of care to serve the perfect cuppa with an impeccable latter art on the top.

If you are not in a mood for some coffee, you can go for their serving of shakes and smoothies or their range of ice tea. Overall one can never be disappointed with their range of drinks and snacks on offer. This might not be what you get at Starbucks or Costa, but definitely something better than what you can whip up at home. The decor and ambiance totally compensates for whatever lacking in the baked food.

Since the cafe is a No-Smoking Zone, there is a small balcony which doubles up the purpose for this. There you can catch a glimpse of the bustling Monastery market down the street while having a puff or two. (Cigarette Smoking Is Injurious To Health)

Pocket Pinch: Approx. Rs. 500/- or USD 10 for Two.

Timings: 0700-2200 on All Days of the Week

Address: House No. 6, New Camp, Majnu Ka Tilla, New Delhi-54

Contact: +91-11-23811589;

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Majnu ka Tilla: Tibetan Culture Center of New Delhi
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Majnu ka Tilla: Tibetan Culture Center of New Delhi
The Buddhist Cultural Centre in Delhi, Majnu ka Tila is famous for its culture display, food and shopping varieties. A very popular hangout place in New Delhi, this is one of the must visit places in Delhi.
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