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Chicken Pulao recipe
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Chicken Pulao Recipe

How to make Murgh Pulao or Chicken Pulao without fuss? This Chicken Pulao recipe is again an one-pot recipe which requires minimum hassle for a delicious meal. The only key point to this recipe is the way of frying the sliced onions so that it gets the golden-brown shade, as we call it birista or […]

Christmas Eggless Cake Recipe
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Eggless Plum Cake Recipe

Rejoice Christmas with this Eggless Plum Cake Recipe I think I went on board with my Christmas Cake baking a bit earlier this year! Maybe, just a few months early, but I am definitely not complaining. And, neither does my folks, ‘coz they get to taste all the cakes right when the leaves turn yellow […]

Kaalkoot Book Review

Kaalkoot | S Venkatesh | TreeShade Books

Vineet Bajpai called Kaalkoot a roller-coaster of thrill and mystery and I cannot agree more. This 333 pages long pot boiler is jam packed with car chases, point blank kills, Indian history with a touch of mythology. Intensive research has been done for this work and it shows. The places and the details with which […]