5 Top Short Films Which Are Totally Worth Binge Watching

Films are perhaps the most evolved form of art to express one’s perspective. But it gets even more interesting when the story is told within a limited time-frame. Being a person who gets easily bored, investing three long hours on a film is generally not my cup of tea- unless the plot really interests me.

So, to unwind, I try to fall back to short films which are always refreshing and unique than the mainstream. Here are 5 of my favourite top short films on YouTube which I stumbled upon while some casual surfing.

The Moped Diaries

Change is always difficult, but it always happens for good. The Moped Diaries has a simple plot but it will surely give you the nudge to get out of your comfort zone. The simple story revolves around a young guy and how his life changes when a bridge connects his island.

Top Short Films on YouTube The Moped Diaries

The Lion

If you are into some sort of client-facing profession then this film is totally for you.  The story is about a voice-over artist who reaches his breaking point in a recording studio. The most interesting part is the ending and it is somewhat satisfying if you are looking for a way to release your client related frustration.

Top Short Films on YouTube The Lion


The Gunfighter

You may not be an absolute pleasure seeker like me but can you deny that there is nothing more pleasurable than a good dose of laughter? The story has a wild-west visual theme but what makes it special is the hilariously genius narration – and guess who is behind this unique story-telling?? None other than the talented Nick Offerman

Top Short Films - The Gunfightet

Trunk Space

Telling a story within a 15 minutes window is really challenging, especially when it is a thriller. Hollywood has produced some of the greatest thriller movies but in the short-film space this movie has definitely secured a top spot in my favourites list. The interesting part of the film is the way in which the plot takes an unexpected turn.

Top Short Films Trunk Space

The Narrow World

There’s a thin line which divides unreal from reality. But there’s only one thing which can remove this line and take us to a completely new realm. The thing I am talking about is known to us as ‘imagination’. The film I am talking about will refresh your pure childlike faculty of imagination and will help you escape the harsh realities around you.

The Narror World - Top Short films

For more such popular short films you can follow the channel Omeleto on YouTube.

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