Aam Porar Sharbat | Bengali Aam Panna

Aam Pora Sharbat

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Ahoy To The Indian Summers With Aam Pora Sharbat

This Aam Panna drink or Bengali Aam Porar Shorbot is the most refreshing drink, perfectly suitable for the upcoming summer days. Mangoes are something that we look forward to every year and when the Green Mangoes hit the market first, it becomes absolutely must to make this green mango mocktail.

While rest of the world enjoys the spring season, back home we are already feeling the heat with the advent of the most dreaded Indian season, summer. The days are getting longer and with each day, mercury is beating the record set the previous day. There can be no better way of beating the heat, other than this smoked green mango drink.

What’s so special about this aam pora sharbat recipe, you ask? I will tell you. Here, the Green Mangoes have been roasted on open flame first. Then the charred outer shell is peeled off. Now, the pulp is puréed with some roasted cumin powder, black salt and lot of sugar to make a ready-to-use pulp mix.

There are always few things which takes us back to our childhood. I remember coming back home from school in the sweltering hot days of May-June and eagerly waiting for Ma to serve a glass of chilled Aam Pora’r Shorbot and coaxing us to not gulp down the whole thing at one go. Instead sitting right under the fan and having small sips while the sweat gets dried and soul gets satiated with the perfect balance of sweetness and tang of the drink.

On some of the days I would observe her making this Kachha Aam Pora Sherbet pulp by charring the green mangoes over the flame. She would take a bunch of mangoes and do this to each one of them and make a huge bottle of concentrated pulp, mixed with the right amount of salt and sugar so that it can be ready-to-use anytime. 

Invariably we would run out of the concentrate in no time and she would keep making these bottles of Aam Panna concentrate as long as green mangoes were available in the market. It is such fond memories that make me get back into kitchen and try out what Ma used to make in her own and relive the long forlorn days once again.

Most Bengali families do this once in a week and store a bottle of this aam porar sharbat pulp in the fridge for a quick-fix summer drink. The smokey flavour is absolutely unmatched 😍

The seeds are often kept as well in a box. Whenever someone feels sick due to heatstroke, these seeds are rubbed below the foot and on the face, especially the temple.

Imagine how these memories made me feel as they gushed back to me when I saw the season’s first Raw Mangoes in the supermarket vegetable aisle. I picked up 2 of them and immediately knew what all I have planned with them.

How to make Aam Porar Sharbat – Ingredients list

  • Green Mangoes or Raw Mangoes
  • Sugar
  • Rock Salt
  • Dry roasted Cumin Seeds, pounded into fine powder
  • Ginger Honey – optional
  • Mint leaves – optional
Aam Porar Shorbot Recipe Aam Panna Recipe

Sometime back I received a jar of SPRIG’s Ginger Imbued Honey to try, and immediately thought of fortifying my Aam Panna drink further with a dollop of Honey infused with Ginger. 

The zing of ginger in the honey gave the perfect chutzpah to the raw mango pulp mixed with the earthiness of roasted cumin and sublimity of rock salt.

With the leftover single Green Mango, I am set to make one of these Kacha Aam or Green Mango recipes from my blog.

A few more Green Mango recipes which might interest you

Meanwhile, this is the recipe for Aam Porar Sharbat or Bengali Aam Panna

Aam Porar Shorbot or Aam Panna Recipe
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
15 mins
Total Time
25 mins

This Bengali Aam Panna or Aam Porar Shorbot is refreshing and organic summer beverage that keeps our body healthy and cool. 

Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Bengali
Keyword: Green Mango Recipes, Kacha Aam recipes, Mocktail Recipes, Summer Recipes
Servings: 6 People
Author: Priyanka
  • 1 Green Mango
  • 1/4 cup Granulated Sugar Adjust as per the sourness of the Mango
  • 1 tbsp Rock Salt
  • 1 cup Water
  • 1 tbsp SPRIG Ginger Imbued Honey optional
  • 1 tsp Roasted Cumin Seed Powder
  1. Char the Green Mango over the flames till the outer skin become hardened and black. Let this sit in a cup of drinking water for a while till it cools inside out.

  2. Once it has cooled down completely, peel the hardened black skin and discard it. Remove the flesh around the seed and put it in a blender. 

  3. Add rest of the ingredients in the smoked mango flesh in the blender and blend it till smooth.

  4. Bottle it and keep it in the refrigerator. This pulpy concentrate (depending upon the tangyness of the green mango) can very well make a litre of sherbet when diluted. 

  5. Serve chilled.

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aam pora sharbat

This recipe was first published on April 10, 2018, it was later updated on August 13, 2020


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