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I am a Harry Potter fan, but I am so not into fan fiction. This being said and out of my system, I am not judging Accidental Magic on the premises it is set, for I knew beforehand that a major part of it is going to be around the world of HP fandom.

It started off with Kannan, a socially awkward engineer, walking on the footsteps of his brother, going off to the states for masters and getting a job over there, all ready to “settle down”. Grimmet, slightly older character with even older money and hence following his passion holding talk shows and somehow becomes chummy with Kannan and bonds over HP. Rebecca, a sprightly Harvard graduate with a very distinctive nose and hair colour (which I still did not get, why it was made a big fuss about?!!) and a questionable job, which she was half heartedly proud off. And then comes Malathi, the ultimate bibliophile, who is passionate about the world of HP and gives her best to stay up-to-date.

These four characters are supposed to have their lives changed because of HP and my interest was piqued. The problem was, the story moved in an extremely slow manner. Keshava sports a lexicon to die for but I am afraid it wasn’t fully appreciated by me, for when I am reading fiction, I need the story to move at a pace of, if not Cheetah, at the least a squirrel. The philosophy and judgements tired me out to the extent that I had to DNF the book for a while, and by a while I mean a week.

One major thing in Accidental Magic that irked me was that I was expecting it to be a funny read, yet I had 3 and a half decent chuckles at the most. I guess, like people, some books can be deceiving for it is not very (very) funny.

 I liked how the story was new-ish, where it did have a satisfied and a somewhat poetic ending, not a happy one, that’s for sure. Also, I absolutely enjoyed the Harvard tour. One day I would like to experience it myself and this is just me putting it out there.

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  1. I don’t know why but this book doesn’t even seem like a Fan Fiction, according to your review.

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