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Aurora Rising | Amie Kaufman; Jay Kristoff | Oneworld

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The first installment of AURORA CYCLE, AURORA RISING is The Breakfast Club meets The Guardians of the Galaxy meets Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 meets Stranger Things meets part Star Wars? Maybe?

This is the story of a girl who is a little out of time (try a couple of centuries) and quite out of the world (few planets maybe). A heartthrob Tyler rescues her and brings her back to the Aurora Legion, their school, where he misses his Draft and is left behind with a band of misfits along with his twin sister and her roommate who definitely is not in love with Tyler. Okay?

But Aurora Jie-Lin O’Malley is not what she seems. It is upto the squad to protect her from the Terrans who claim her to be a part of their community and avoid a war that can put the entire galaxy in trouble. AND NO! IT IS NOT EASY BEING A FACE, IN CASE YOU WERE WONDERING.


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What to expect from Aurora Rising?

This was my first sci-fi read and I breezed through this baby in 3 days. It is safe to say, your girl is going to step into the sci-fi land pretty soon. I once read that it was safe to lose your sci-fi V-card to AURORA RISING and they were absolutely right! What my biggest inhibition against science-fiction was that I might not be able to follow through the character developments and all the systems and galaxies and spaceships they’ll be talking about. Boy, was I wrong! Being a die-hard fan of the MCU, this book was pretty much my thang. And also YA! This series lie somewhere between the spectrum with Young Adult fiction and science fiction on the extremes with a touch of hint of thriller in between. 

I instantly fell in love with Finian and his witty remarks. Even in stressful times, he made sure nobody knew how his exosuit was troubling him. It was not just his sarcastic capabilities that made me fall in love with him. It was the fact that he, a physically disabled, bisexual alien, represented a bunch of diverse communities. So very well written! Scarlett is your cliché total queen and a softy but can separate your head from your body if you even touch her brother. Auri and Kal have my heart and I ship them harder than the Titanic. Zila, the owner of odd earrings who along with being the brains of the squad also is a wonderful shooter. 

All the characters were given proper importance and never did I once feel that someone was preferred over the others. Though, the authors could have focused more on conversations instead of the each of them coming up with sarcastic one-liners. I enjoyed initially but almost 80% into the book, I sort of wanted more of Zila. The ending was marvelous but abrupt. I understand that it is a part of a trilogy and more of the story is yet to come. BUT I NEED CLOSURE! The ending has left me with so many damn questions; I can’t wait for the second installment!

Amie and Jay, your work made me wonder how two human beings can work together to create such a beauty. Aurora made me fall in love with your team and I am going to put my paws on The Illuminae files soon!

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