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Top Meal Planning Ideas to Simplify Your Life

Easy Meal Planning Ideas To Make Your Life Easier & Healthier Importance of home cooked food can never be emphasized enough! Having said this, I fully acknowledge the difficulty of daily cooking when you are working full-time, or you are freelancer working from home. Or, you might be a mom to a toddler who needs […]

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Jamai Sashti: A Festival of Son-in-laws in Bengal

|| JAMAI SASHTI || জামাই ষষ্ঠী ||  Simply put, it can be called as Son-in-law’s Day. Long before the huge list of commemorative days came into its existence, Bengal was already in the great leagues of celebrating a day exquisitely dedicated to the son-in-laws of the family. Jamai Sashti, as Bengal proudly announces, is one day […]