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Book Launch Event: Lucy Meets Artificial Intelligence | Anadajit Goswami

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The launch of Lucy meets Artificial Intelligence at the Red Kettle Cafe

Lucy meets Artificial Intelligence Book Launch event Delhi
The Bloggers present along with the authors., Anandajit Goswami and Tanmay Dubey

“I split my time on the basis of my priority and I dedicate at least 2 hours to my writing. I won’t call myself a born writer, but yes, I make sure that my stories reach the right people. It makes everything worthwhile.” Said the “Pink Gender” and “Lucy and the Train” author, Anandajit Goswami when asked how he manages his time between his hectic professional life and his writing career. He is an associate professor with department of policy studies at TERI. His main focus is on Sustainability of resources. He uses music to get himself into the zone along with Sci-fi shows on Netflix.

Chief Guest and Bestselling Author of “The Red Line” and “Six Evenings”, Tanmay Dubey was of a similar opinion, that prioritization and compartmentalization is important once you know why you are doing what you are doing. The CEO of “Life Coach”, who also worked as an IT professional for a good deal of time, draws inspiration from his life as well as his extensive physical workouts and his participation in triathlons.

Lucy meets Artificial Intelligence Book Launch Event Delhi
QnA session with the authors

A colourful event of the Book Launch organized by Flipping Pages

The folks at The Red Kettle Café were kind enough to host the gathering for the launch of Anandajit’s third book, “Lucy meets Artificial Intelligence”. Flipping Pages organized the event where Ms. Kusum was also present, the owner of My Books publications who helped Anandajit getting his work published.

After an extensive discussion regarding their books, the authors revealed the book along with the usual tease on their future works.

Lucy meets Artificial Intelligence Book Launch event Delhi
With Ms. Tushti, founder of Flipping Pages & organizer of this Book Launch event

I was fortunate enough to have been trusted by Ms. Tushti Bhatia, the founder of Flipping Pages, to moderate the discussions and hold a QnA session with the authors and the audience.

Lots of food and lots of intellectual conversations were involved, needless to say; it was a huge success.

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