What You Do is who you are

What You Do Is Who You Are | Ben Horowitz | William Collins

What You Do Is Who You Are : How to Create Your Business Culture What You Do Is Who You Are – Financial Times Business Book of the Month 2019 What you say in your workplace hardly matters. Your actions define you and the culture around. What products a company designs and manufactures might define […]

Bending Over Backwards Book Review

Bending Over Backwards | Carlo Pizzati | Harper Collins In

Bending Over Backwards: A Journey to the End of the World to Cure a Chronic Backache Bending over backwards is a motivational travelogue that can double up as a spiritual self-help book laced with just the right amount of humour. An incessant backache takes Carlos over a journey which changes his life. He takes life, […]

Accidental Magic Book Review

Accidental Magic | Keshava Guha | Harper Collins India

I am a Harry Potter fan, but I am so not into fan fiction. This being said and out of my system, I am not judging Accidental Magic on the premises it is set, for I knew beforehand that a major part of it is going to be around the world of HP fandom. It […]

The Casual Vacancy Book Review

The Casual Vacancy | J.K.Rowling

THIS IS NOT ANOTHER HARRY POTTER BOOK, SO KINDLY LEAVE ALL YOUR PRECONCEPETIONS AT THE HOGWARTS CAMPUS ITSELF. THANK YOU. I had read tons of negative reviews online and honestly, this 500 page novel did intimidate me in the beginning. Would it be worth my time? I had wondered. Turns out, it definitely is. It […]

The Carpet Weaver Book Review

The Carpet Weaver | Nemat Sadat | Penguin Viking

Everything is fair in love and war. Is it? Well, in case of Kanishka Nurzada, it wasn’t. A 16-year-old Afghan, who intends to continue his father’s business, has secrets which can destroy his family in seconds. He is, what people of his community calls, a Kuni. An extremely derogatory term for gay people where they […]

The Silent Patient 2019 Book Review

The Silent Patient | Alex Michaelides | Orion

The Silent Patient has been one of my most anticipated reads of 2019 and it lived up to my expectations. Honestly, the revelation was so unpredictable I never saw it coming. This is probably my first time, when I finished the book in one sitting because I SIMPLY COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! You know […]

The Red Line Book Review

The Red Line | Tanmay Dubey

Delhi Metro. The Red Line. 10:55 P.M.  6 passengers. 3 flashes. 1 dead body. The world of SHO Hanumant Shastri and ASI Azhar Ansari takes a turn when a high profile case lands in their jurisdiction. An MoD personnel drops dead where everything points the case to be open and shut. Shastri sniffs out some […]

A Flutter in the Colony Book Review Sandeep Ray Harper Collins India Book Titles

A Flutter in the Colony | Sandeep Ray | Harper Collins India

Books with Bengali nostalgia always brings me back home. ‘A flutter in the colony’ was one such book, where I found myself back in my room, sipping tea with my friends on an ‘Adda’ session, munching on some ‘nimki’. The language, Sandeep Ray has used was volatile enough to include Bengali, Tamil, Chinese and, Malayan […]

You Beneath Your Skin | Damayanti Biswas | Simon & Schuster India

You Beneath Your Skin | Damayanti Biswas | Simon & Schuster India

You Beneath Your Skin Book Review Damyanti Biswas’ debut novel, You Beneath Your Skin, takes you through the streets of a smoggy New Delhi and will send a shiver down your spine with every single turn it will take. It was a difficult read for me, because I can stomach crimes against women so much. […]

The Mountbattens

The Mountbattens: Their Lives and Loves | Andrew Lownie

Book Review – The Mountbattens: Their Lives and Loves by Andrew Lownie A brand new shiny royal biography of a marriage so controversial yet so successful. A marriage where both the parties kept fleeing each other into other peoples’ beds and still lead a respectful life. This biography included everything, warts and all! From controversial […]

Turn The Tables Book Review Priya Kumar

Turn The Tables | Priya Kumar

Priya Kumar does it again! Right when I thought my life’s sine curve was going negative, she launched another masterpiece, TURN THE TABLES and I was fortunate enough to receive a signed, exclusive copy. My love for her grows every single day, and one cannot deny how smitten I get around her books. If a […]

Circus Folk & Village Freaks Book Review

Circus Folk & Village Freaks | Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal

Book Review of Circus Folk & Village Freaks There is no denial in the fact that poetry is one of the most beautiful way in which thoughts can be worded out. No other art form can come close to it and Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal is the Michelangelo of the art. Her work is not only […]

Aurora Rising Book Review

Aurora Rising | Amie Kaufman; Jay Kristoff | Oneworld

The first installment of AURORA CYCLE, AURORA RISING is The Breakfast Club meets The Guardians of the Galaxy meets Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2 meets Stranger Things meets part Star Wars? Maybe? This is the story of a girl who is a little out of time (try a couple of centuries) and quite out […]

Anandajit-Goswami-Tanmay-Dubey-Book-Launch-Event-Delhi Lucy meets Artificial Intelligence

Book Launch Event: Lucy Meets Artificial Intelligence | Anadajit Goswami

The launch of Lucy meets Artificial Intelligence at the Red Kettle Cafe “I split my time on the basis of my priority and I dedicate at least 2 hours to my writing. I won’t call myself a born writer, but yes, I make sure that my stories reach the right people. It makes everything worthwhile.” […]

Wasted in Engineering Book Review

Wasted in Engineering | Prabhu Swaminathan | Notion Press

Wasted in Engineering felt like a regular Indian engineer’s cascade of thoughts, right from the moment they enter an institution to when they leave their campuses with job offers in their hands. Whether you get to choose your field of study yourself or not, there are certain things which you are bound to notice. I […]

The Art of Letting Go Poetry Book Review

The Art of Letting Go | Sanhita Baruah | Notion Press

The cover of The Art of Letting Go is gorgeous with a very comfortable typeface. I absolutely love the quality of pages and the cover itself.  The non-uniformity in alignments and line spacing in the poems in my opinion symbolised the different feelings and pauses Sanhita must have gone through while penning them down. It […]

Kaalkoot Book Review

Kaalkoot | S Venkatesh | TreeShade Books

Vineet Bajpai called Kaalkoot a roller-coaster of thrill and mystery and I cannot agree more. This 333 pages long pot boiler is jam packed with car chases, point blank kills, Indian history with a touch of mythology. Intensive research has been done for this work and it shows. The places and the details with which […]

Where Will Man Take Us Book Review

Where Will Man Take Us? | Atul Jalan | Penguin

WHERE WILL MAN TAKE US? A question that has baffled brightest of the minds when it comes to what human beings are capable of doing and achieving. The intensity with which we have been moving forward is mind blowing. Our species is evolving and so is our way with the world. It took almost a […]

I WIll Go With You Book Review The Final Call Priya Kumar

I Will Go With You | Priya Kumar

A writer, an astronomer and a teenage boy walks into a plane and well, life happened. Or was it death? Well, we’ll have to find the humour in our lives the way Ms. Priya was able to incorporate her great sense of humour in this literary piece, I will Go With You, which takes us […]

Death of Dreams Kindle Book Review

Death of Dreams | Shruti Aggarwal

A crisp review for a crisp book – Death of Dreams Death of Dreams is a collection of poems and quotations on a variety of topics across life from love to heartbreak to friendship to plain life itself. The pages were soaked in her emotions and it was quite obvious that the feelings that Ms. […]

The Wise Man Said Book Review

The Wise Man Said | Priya Kumar

Truly an adventure of a lifetime! There are books, and then there are experiences. “The Wise Man Said” was nothing short of an experience of a lifetime. Ms. Priya Kumar was kind enough to wish me a life full of adventure personally through her pearl-like handwriting and I simply couldn’t stop blushing for I have […]

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine book review

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine | Gail Honeyman | Harper Collins

Just perfect. Nothing more. Nothing less. Gail Honeyman delivered a masterpiece in ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’ and it’s quite hard to believe that it is her debut novel. This book made me experience a wide range of emotions and genuinely made me feel happy and sad with Eleanor. Eleanor has a perfect life and […]

Calling Sehmat Book Review

Calling Sehmat | Harinder Sikka | Penguin

Calling Sehmat: A 20 year old vulnerable girl getting married into an influential Pakistani family in order to relay privileged information back home. This is probably going to be the most exciting sentence i’ll ever write. Sehmat, who is just as beautiful and serene as her birthplace Kashmir, is told by her father on his […]

The Woman in the Window Book Review

The Woman in the Window | AJ Finn | Harper Collins

Give me a half decent psychological thriller with a few sharp twists and your girl is all set. “Watching is like nature photography: You don’t interfere with the wildlife” – Dr. Anna Fox The Woman in the Window, a Goodreads choice awards semi-finalist for best debut and best thriller/mystery of 2018 was absolutely worth the […]

Narsimha Book Review Blog India

Narasimha | Kevin Missal | Harper Collins India

A fast paced story that did not disappoint at all! A pot-boiler re-telling of the mythological story of the mahaavatar, Narasimha. This book has it all- from romance to friendship to betrayal to loyalty to wars and revenge.  Kevin provided a wonderful twist to the story of Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad that we grew up listening to. […]


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