Circus Folk & Village Freaks Book Review

Circus Folk & Village Freaks | Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal

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Book Review of Circus Folk & Village Freaks

There is no denial in the fact that poetry is one of the most beautiful way in which thoughts can be worded out. No other art form can come close to it and Aparna Upadhyaya Sanyal is the Michelangelo of the art. Her work is not only a timeless reminder of what human beings are capable of achieving, but also a slight nudge to your conscience to be more apprehensive of the folks and freaks in your life.

If you are looking for a bold read in the form of poetry with excellent illustration work, kindly be my guest and get yourself a copy of CIRCUS FOLK & VILLAGE FREAKS. From homosexuality to open relationships to hirsutism to pornography, nothing has been left untouched. 

The poem featuring Miss Rita, where she talks about women owning up to their sexuality and engaging in consensual activities to explore their horizons, is my absolute favourite. In one go, Aparna was capable of including a hermaphrodite helping a so-called-freak feel loved and wanted when nobody else could. 

All of these poems have a common theme of people being too eccentric for the society where the circus comes to the rescue and gives them a home and a sanctuary for their well-being. The village folks can be accommodating as well, which can be seen in the case of the firangi Jonas.

You might take your sweet time reading this book. Let your mind marinate in the words and let them imbibe so deep that you have to think twice before you judge or bully another human being. If you ask me, this is the kind of book I’d like to gift everyone now onwards (ofc 16+ people only. Or maybe younger than 16 too)

Oh bonus, she has mentioned a stanza from BEAUTIFUL THINGS of the 1967  feature film, Dr. Doolittle!

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