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ডিম কষা | Egg Curry | Bengali Dim Kosha Recipe for a quick meal DIm Kosha Bengali Egg Curry Recipe

Dim Kosha | Bengali Egg Curry Recipe

ডিম কষা | Egg Curry | Bengali Dim Kosha Recipe for a quick meal If there has to be one recipe that can be called as the stepping stone to Bengali cuisine, then it has to be Dim Kosha or spicy Egg Curry that every Bengali loves having with parboiled rice or porota aka fried […]

মসুর ডাল Split Red Lentil Dal Recipe Masoor Dal Recipe How to make masoor dal

Masoor Dal | Bengali Split Red Lentil Dal Recipe

মসুর ডাল রান্নার রেসিপি | Superfood Masoor Dal aka Red Lentil Masoor Dal is probably the most nutritious dal in an Indian kitchen. from kids to elderly, everybody can include this in their diets for its high nutritious value. A glimpse of the benefits of Masoor Dal Easily digestible – This dal is absolutely light […]

ডিম টোস্ট রেসিপি Dim Pauruti Egg Toast Recipe

Dim Pauruti | Bengali Savory Egg Toast

🥚 ডিম পাউরুটি Dim Pauruti- The only French Toast we ever knew! Before YouTube came and burst our bubble about French Toasts (the actual ones) we knew that Dim Pauruti is the Bengali bhadralok’s favorite French Toast. Bread slices dunked in eggs beaten light with grated onion, garlic, slight touch of ginger, finely chopped green […]

Vegetarian Quick Paneer Curry Recipe

5-Minutes Quick Paneer Curry Recipe

Flat 5-Minutes Easy Paneer Curry Recipe! Did I shock you there? I know I am guilty because when I posted this Paneer Curry on my Instagram, I had so many of my friends coming over with a sense of amazement. Is this possible? Can it be? Really?? These were the comments that flooded my post. […]

Orange Pulao Recipe

Orange Pulao Recipe

🍊 কমলা পোলাও | Orange Pulao for celebratory days! A big bag of Oranges were brought in because one day I suddenly remembered the Orange Pulao that my Nani (Grandma) made for us once. A quick call to my ‘Nani’ and she recollected the recipe of this dish, which I had, almost a decade back […]

Easy Chicken Sandwich recipe

Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Chicken Sandwiches For Breakfast While Chicken Soup is for soul, Chicken Sandwiches are so perfect for breakfast table.  And you know what is so good about this, you can prepare it way ahead and quickly get your breakfast done, even if you got up late on your weekend! Poach a big batch of chicken pieces […]

Palak Chicken Curry Recipe

Palak Chicken | Chicken in Spinach Gravy Recipe

Palak Chicken – The Bong cousin of North Indian sensation, Palak Paneer Time and again I have told you my quest for newer and easy chicken recipes. This Palak Chicken is my latest recipe creation which not only pleased me but made a fussy eater enjoy two things he totally desist, Palak aka Spinach and […]

Christmas Orange Cranberry Loaf Cake Recipe

Orange Cranberry Loaf Cake Recipe

A Cake Recipe That Celebrates Winter – Orange Cranberry Loaf Cake If you are like me who loves to bake a cake every once in a while, then you can never have enough cake recipes in your kitty. This Orange Cranberry Loaf Cake recipe is surely going to please you with its mild tang from […]

Bengali Mishti Pulao Sweet Pulao Recipe

Mishti Pulao | Bengali Sweet Pulao Recipe

Mishti Pulao Recipe For Days When You are Not in Mood For Cooking Everybody should have few recipes in their kitty which are totally hassle-free and quick. This মিষ্টি পুলাও | Mishti Pulao recipe is for those days when you don’t have time or any energy left for cooking and you have already crossed your […]

Diet Friendly Low calorie Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter Chicken Recipe: A Low-Calorie Version

Diet Butter Chicken Recipe For Health Freak Foodies Disclaimer: No Butter was used in making of this recipe of Butter Chicken.  The first thing that pops in my mind is that the heading I have chosen has too many ironies in it. First of all a diet version of Butter Chicken. I mean I have […]