Healthy Nut Cake Recipe & Simple Baking Tips for Beginners

If you have been following my food journey, then you probably know that I love baking all sorts of cakes. To be quite honest I think that a cake is like a blank canvas which can be painted in any which way. You can use multitude of flavors to add a hint of exclusivity to the baked goodie. Even a basic vanilla sponge can be turned around in so many ways. This nut cake recipe is one among several ways of making a pound loaf cake special with very little ingredients. All you need is a handful of nuts and seeds available with you, in your pantry and you are all set to go.

Healthy Nut Cake recipeTop Easy Baking Tips for Beginners

For those who are new to baking cakes, let me tell you some basic things to note while baking.

Always take care of the recipe that you are planning to follow. Go through it before you actually get down to baking.

Make sure that you have all the ingredients with you otherwise you would have to run across mid-way to get the missing ones. If you ask me, then I have a certain way of getting with baking.

Many pro-bakers already know these or they might have some more hacks in their kitty, I am going to list mine here below for those who are new to baking at home.

  • Every baker has his or her own style of baking. Similarly every cookbook also has its own style. So, in order to avoid confusion, follow a single school of baking.
  • No recipe is ever fool-proof. Always go ahead keeping this in mind. No two bags of flour can be same, so normally there is a possibility of difference in the outcome of the recipe. Also, the ingredients available elsewhere might not be the same as we get here. So, adjust accordingly.
  • Ultimately keep in mind the technique of baking. Always whisk the eggs till they are fluffy and at least three times their original volume. This is very essential for a sponge cake. Never whisk the batter in excess once the flour is added. Just combine it with a light hand and pour it in your baking tin for baking.
  • Use the best quality vanilla or flavor extracts. That normally makes a huge difference in the flavor profile of the cake or any other dish.
  • Butter is always preferred for any cake recipe, but odorless vegetable or nuts oil is equally good. While butter needs to be creamed with granulated sugar in the very beginning of the recipes, if you are using oil, you can add it later to the whisked eggs and sugar.
  • Know more about the flavor combos which work well together in a recipe. For instance, chocolate and coffee make an amazing pairing. Similarly many fruits and spices go along very well.

Nut Cake Tea Cake RecipeFor this Nut cake recipe, you can use a variety of nuts as well as seeds. I have used Cashews and Almond, cut in small pieces. You can use walnuts, pecans, poppy seeds, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, etc.

I am not attaching the nut cake recipe separately as it is quite similar to my Vanilla Sponge Cake recipe. Simply chop follow the recipe. Once the cake batter is ready and half of it has been poured in the cake tin, hold back the rest. Add the chopped nuts and seeds of your choice and give it a gentle mix. Now, pour this over in the cake tin. Bake it as per the recipe.

If you are planning to bake a traditional Christmas Nut Cake, then read the way to soak the nuts in this post.

For the glaze, I have used SPRIG Vitalising RedCha which offers instant green tea infused with natural extracts of Hibiscus flower. With the power boost of the benefits of the hibiscus flower, it offers multitude of good health like better immune system, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, boosts metabolism and even believed to lower the risk of cancer. I simply took 1/2 tsp. of RedCha and mixed it with 4 tbsp of Granulated Sugar, 2 tbsp of Water and 1 tsp Lemon Juice.

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