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Here and Beyond: Eternal Happiness Through Self Evolution | Rashmi Joshi | Bloomsbury India

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Everything that comes across in your life has a purpose. It teaches you valuable lessons. It also teaches you that not all self-help books will leave you with a feel-good aftertaste. I am a self-help connoisseur of sorts (which of course one should not be proud of) so I believe I am in an appropriate position to judge this particular literary piece.

This book came with a promise to teach readers how to get out of certain life situations where particular steps can blotch your karma and can bring about more troubles. We were also promised to make the universal energies work for us. Everything was included in the book as promised, but what repelled me was how preachy and disconnected the text felt. The tone was pretty condescending and made me have mixed feelings about my own life!


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The book started out really well and I was elated on my purchase and finished of 2/3rd of the book in one sitting. It started getting dicey for me when she started talking about difficulties one has to face in their lives like financial struggles and life threatening diseases and how it is all connected karmically.

I am not against the very idea of a supreme power governing our lives and judging us and rewarding us accordingly, but when a book pulls me down for something that someone from my ancestry or maybe I might have done in my previous lives to shift the universe’s scale against me, that is when I know this self-help won’t be of much help to myself.

I was through and through anxious while reading it. Am I guilty of doing something bad in my life which might make me say this? I don’t know, maybe. But the fact that the universe is capable of giving chances to redeem oneself is what makes it so giving in nature!

Book Review of Here and Beyond:

  • The language is extremely simple with heavy words sprinkled occasionally.
  • The chapters had swastikas on them which left me a little perplexed and I never received a proper explanation for them.
  • For the love of God, this book is not for atheists or those who don’t believe in supreme powers. Though reasonable attempts were made in convincing the readers after which I was pretty convinced but I don’t know how it will pan out for non believers.
  • The flow sheets used to explain things logically reminded me of my school’s curriculum science textbook which I absolutely loved since I LOVED to study!
  • The chapters were named aptly to make sure the readers don’t lose track.
  • The comparisons drawn were pretty good. The instance where early death was compared to returning to the office to grab the keys and not spending the entire day was marvelous. It changed my perspective on death.
  • Soul having its own genetic code. Need I say more? Being a genetics student myself, this little revelation was a treat.

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