I WIll Go With You Book Review The Final Call Priya Kumar

I Will Go With You | Priya Kumar

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A writer, an astronomer and a teenage boy walks into a plane and well, life happened. Or was it death?

Well, we’ll have to find the humour in our lives the way Ms. Priya was able to incorporate her great sense of humour in this literary piece, I will Go With You, which takes us on a flight of a lifetime. Priya Kumar is able to deliver more than what is expected or promised of her books. You truly don’t read them, you live them.

It’s not just the story but the tone and the words that attract a reader and keep them hooked. A master storyteller, she knows what makes a book a page turner. I WILL GO WITH YOU is so livid and well crafted, I was transported to the row 26 of SL502 and my soul didn’t budge even for a moment.

Her narration feels so personal it’s like she is trying to share her own life experiences, from shopping at Dubai International Airport to having eye-opening conversations with teenagers to her smart take on depression and mental health awareness. It all feels too close to home.

I don’t want to give anything away, since I feel like talking about this book might make me give away the very crux of it and I don’t want to carry on with my life knowing that I ruined such a perfectly written story for people. Let’s just say my view on life and death shifted light years away from where I was earlier.

The entire story felt like a metaphor for life. The plane being our body, the pilots being our mind and the passengers being the soul. We might think that the mind controls the body but the aura and the energies of the soul effects our mind which in turn controls our body.

Already made into a series ‘The Final Call‘, popularly running on ZEE5, it stars Arjun Rampal, Sakshi Tanwar and Jawed Jaffrey among others.


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Book Review of I Will Go With You by Priya Kumar:

  • War PTSD is real and she talks about it. It’s not all roses and champagne for a soldier retiring from a warfront. It takes toll on their mental health and in a way the person just dies a little. They are not the same when they come back.
  • Suicide is never an option. It might look like an easy way out, but your soul will struggle with the decision that your physical form just took. Ms. Priya birthed Robert to teach us a lesson on why suicide is such a bad idea.
  • The characters were well introduced with enough background to help picture them nicely. Not a single detail was left out. Even the supporting ones were given enough page-time.
  • This book has more twists that a jalebi. The first one was semi predictive which turned out to be something which I was just praying not to happen. Rest of them: I DID NOT SEE THEM COMING.
  • When the character of Paul was introduced, I might have rolled my eyes, for it seemed pretty cliché to include an overachieving super-attractive billionaire who has it all in a story based on an airplane, but as the story progressed, Paul was nothing like those shallow billionaires in murder-mystery novels. He is spiritual, guided and couldn’t care less about his achievements.
  • From a mere leak in the ceiling to standing in court filing a divorce! Can you find out how this is connected? (The answer is in this book ;))
  • OH MAN THE COVER! Arjun Rampal adds quite a nice touch to my library *wink wink*
  • The ease with which life after death has been discussed gives me fresh perspective about my own life. It might not be the end. It’s the beginning to a whole new eternity.
  • The story was nicely wrapped-up. There was not a single loose end. Each character had a perfect closure. Specially in the case of Jim and Sarah *sniffles*

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