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Narasimha | Kevin Missal | Harper Collins India

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A fast paced story that did not disappoint at all!

A pot-boiler re-telling of the mythological story of the mahaavatar, Narasimha. This book has it all- from romance to friendship to betrayal to loyalty to wars and revenge.  Kevin provided a wonderful twist to the story of Hiranyakashyap and Prahlad that we grew up listening to. This is a book for anyone who loves stories based on mythological characters. 


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Summary of Narasimha:

It all starts with a member of Simha tribe killing Hiranykashyap’s wife considering her a threat to Indra’s army. This fuels Hiranya’s thirst for revenge and to avenge his wife’s death he needs to get his hands on brahmastra. For that he must go through a series of trials which will determine if he is worthy of the weapon.  

Narasimha, once a mighty warrior, now spends his life in a lonely village as a physician. But when someone from his past reaches out to him to kill Andhaka, everything changes. The very existence of the world depends on him and if he refuses to cooperate, he can put everybody’s life in danger. 

Prahlad, Hiranayakashyap’s son is struggling with his indecisiveness and is in search of a faith on which he can rely upon. Hence, he comes across Vishnu Sena and conspires with them to revolt against their Danav rule. 

Holika, Prahlad’s aunt is a furiously strong lady who works outside the government and is absolutely against anyone who commits treason. She  has a special distrust for Prahlad and it shows!  

Narasimha | Kevin Missal | Harper Collins IndiaNarasimha | Kevin Missal | Harper Collins IndiaBook Review of Narsimha:

Every chapter ends with a cliffhanger which made me unable to put the book down. The language used is quite simple and very relatable as opposed to an archaic way of storytelling which is almost always expected from mythological novels.  

The characters were given quite a detailed back story and an in-depth analysis on the way they are. Narasimha’s guilt was all too real. The depth the author has provided is extraordinary.  

The twists in the story blew my mind. This was refreshing and made me long for more. Kevin Missal has given us some really strong female characters like Holika, Dhriti, Chenchen and Jyoti, which made me fall in love with his work. Irrespective of the gender, the characters were provided with depth and perspective making this book really feministic.  

Love, be it romantic or family, was heart warming irrespective of the fact that I actually got queasy many a times like when Andhaka starts gorging on human brains. This gory book had so many cute moments like when Anuradh meets Jyoti or when Prahlad sees Dhriti for the first time. I am a sucker for cute romance and it shows! 

The narrative style was quite similar to Game of Thrones and the chapter wise focus on the characters’ perspective made it quite a fun read. The flashbacks were easy to follow.  

Anyone like me, who has no prior knowledge on Indian mythological characters and their significance, could easily get through the book and make sense of it. So this book is suitable for anyone who is okay with some bloodshed. 

This book can totally be adapted into a feature length movie and honestly I can’t wait for the second part. The book was in pristine condition and was delivered on time! Click here to Buy at Amazon.



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