No-Bake Summer Icebox Cake Recipe

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No-Bake Super Easy Icebox Cake Recipe

The moment you think of a “cake” all it comes in mind is the one that has been baked and garnished with beautiful toppings and luscious buttercream. However, today I am going to share a no-bake cake that needs no baking but just freezing! Yes, you got this right, no need to turn your oven on because this Icebox Cake recipe is downright super simple and easy.

Summer Icebox cake SPRIG Vanilla extract recipeNothing like a Cake or Icebox Cake

What the hell is happening! That’s what you must be thinking. All right, let me lay all my cards out. I know I told you that it is a cake, but it’s not the usual oven-baked cake that we usually relate to. Whereas it’s not a general Icebox Cake as well, which has a Graham Cracker or Digestive Biscuit layer after each layer of cream cheese or whipped cream filling.

I have modified a typical Icebox Cake recipe so as to include healthier alternatives like Honey-Oats cookies crumble instead of Digestive Biscuit and my Frozen Yogurt filing instead of fat laden whipped cream and cream cheese filling. I have already shared my Lemon Lavender-Honey Frozen Yogurt recipe which you can see by following this link. 

For this recipe, I flavored my frozen yogurt with a dollop of honey and a few drops of Extract of Natural Bourbon Vanilla from SPRIG. And what an aroma it gave to my luscious bowl of creamy yogurt. To be outright frank with you, once you use this bottle of Vanilla extract, you feel the difference between any other Vanilla essence that we usually get and this pure extract. I literally threw away my bottles of Vanilla essence because I knew I would never be going back to them, ever again. I have burnt those bridges and there’s no looking back at all!

How to serve this summer dessert of Icebox Cake

You remember when I said that cooking for 2 is never en easy task! And especially when one out of those two is having an aversion to anything that is sweet. Yes, that’s me! I am going through that phase when anything that is sweet makes me go crazy. I mean it did make me go crazy earlier as well, but now only in a spiraling nauseating way! But I had this beautiful bottle of Vanilla Extract with me which I was dying to try out. So, finally I mustered some courage and went about making a single serve dessert for 2 of this healthy version of Icebox Cake, which I am going to share in the recipe section below. (P.S. Both 2 serves went to my hubby only)

If you are making a larger batch then also I am going to help you with an easier way to do so. In that case, you would be able to serve this to 4-5 people at a time. So, let’s get started.

No-Bake Icebox Cake Recipe
Prep Time
20 mins
Chill Time
4 hrs
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Servings: 2 People
Author: Priyanka
  • 4 tbsp Greek Yogurt Fresh and thick
  • 1 tbsp Honey
  • 1 tsp SPRIG Extract of Natural Bourbon Vanilla
  • 4 nos. Honey-Oats Cookies
  • Rainbow Confetti For Garnish
Recipe For 2 Serves
  1. How To Make Frozen Yogurt Filling:

    Use fresh Greek Yogurt only. If you do not have any in your pantry, then take some of the regular yogurt and place it in a muslin cloth over a sieve. Let this stand for overnight in your refrigerator so that the whey gets separated. This way you get thick yogurt for this recipe.

  2. Take this yogurt and mix it with Honey and SPRIG Vanilla Extract. Now, pour this into a Tupperware box or Cake Tin and allow it to set in your freezer just like an Ice Cream.

  3. Once your Frozen Yogurt is set. Get ready to assemble your dessert. Take a Honey-Oats Cookie and place a generous scoop of Frozen Yogurt on it. Place another cookie on its top and press to make it like an Ice Cream Sandwich. 

  4. This is perfect for single serve dessert. Repeat this with another pair of cookies for 2 serves of this Icebox Cake.

For a large batch of Icebox Cake
  1. Prepare your batch of Frozen Yogurt as instructed above.

  2. Take a dozen Honey-Oats Cookie and coarsely pulse them in your food processor. Add 4 tbsp of melted Butter and mix it.

  3. Now, take a flat-bottom glass dish of any shape. Put half of the cookie crumble in it and flatten it at the bottom with the back of a spoon.

  4. Now, put scoopfulls of Frozen Yogurt and make a thick layer on the layer of the cookie crumble. Make it at least 2 inches thick. Now, spread rest of the cookie crumble on its top and quickly spread it evenly before popping it back into the refrigerator. Let it set for an hour.

  5. Before serving, take it out and cut in into pieces. You may serve it with a drizzle of honey and chopped fresh fruits with a side of fresh cream.





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