O Coqueiro Restaurant – A Portuguese Shack You Shouldn’t Miss in Diu

O Coqueiro Restaurant In Diu

Have you been planning a beach-side vacation for quite some time but always find the idea of visiting popular tourist destinations like Goa, overbearing? Well, one possible reason behind that could be the unwillingness to surrender to another chaotic destination when what you are truly looking for are peace and serenity! Then you are just in luck, as we have discovered one such great place to unwind which has the sun, sand and unlimited seafood, Diu Island. And, the O Coqueiro Restaurant is the one shack you shouldn’t miss for anything on this earth.

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Diu – Island city on the coast of Arabian Sea

This tiny island city, perched along the coastline of Gujarat, has been one among the long list of the unexplored tourist destinations of this country. It was only in 1961 when this Portuguese colony was finally surrendered back to the Indian government by its Portuguese rulers after ruling it for almost 400 years. Such long association with a culture has left a deep impact on Diu’s local culture and heritage. It is not uncommon to find elderly of the society interacting in the Portuguese language among themselves. Their architecture and food have left a deeper mark on this tiny island, which makes Diu absolutely unique and special in its own ways.

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While the food on this island is hugely satisfying, one place that has made its mark among all the visitors is O  Coqueiro Graden Restaurant. With nothing to do with its Goan counterpart, which also goes by the same name, this simple front-yard restaurant is currently #2 restaurant in Diu as per popular travel review website, Tripadvisor.

Diu Tourist Places O Coqueiro RestaurantUSP of Diu Restaurants: Sea-Food Celebration

If there are two things that are bountiful at this place, then those are Coconuts and Sea-Food. While fishing has been the primary occupation of those who call themselves the natives of this island, huge acres of land has been devoted to the production of super-quality coconuts. And, bringing these two together comes the star attraction of the island, O’ Coqueiro Garden Restaurant.

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O Coqueiro Diu Restaurants

As a young man, Kailash Pandey took very little time to understand that coconuts combined with local seafood can only mean success. And, that only led him to come up with this small and homely garden restaurant right in the front garden of his house, in 2006. Running it along with his wife, he put to use his extensive experience of over a decade in the service industry.

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Today this restaurant boasts of its dishes made with only high-quality and locally sourced ingredients, which are bought on a daily basis. Every spice mix and sauces are prepared in the tiny home kitchen of this garden restaurant, which is most of the time managed by Mrs Pandey.

So, whether you have ordered for Penne Sicilia or some Tiger Prawns, you know that it is the lady whose magic is running this garden restaurant. They also serve chilled beer to go along with the sumptuous food, and the perfect ambiance of this restaurant created with lights and music.

While the menu is simple and pre-dominated by local seafood, you can also find one or two Portuguese dishes thrown in between. Presumably, O Coqueiro might not be the best Portuguese restaurant in Diu, but it won’t certainly disappoint you with what they serve here as everything is fresh, organic and home-made.

Somehow this personal touch of the owners of this place and the food has made this one of the most popular places on this island.

Undoubtedly, one visit to the island of Diu is long overdue to those who are in need of a break from monotonous city life, O Coqueiro Restaurant is a must visit for some good food and soul music.

Where: O Coqueiro Garden Restaurant, Firangiwada Road, Diu
Open Timings: 8.00 AM to 10.00PM
Serves: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Cuisine: Seafood, Continental, Italian
Cost for 2: INR 1000 (Alcohol cost extra)

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