People Around You Can Influence Future

The concept of ‘Master Mind Group’ has always been acknowledged by many ancient traditions and faiths. But its simple practical application to influence future changed the course of  modern human existence

The practical use of the theory of ‘Master Mind Group’ was first popularized by Napoleon Hill in his famous best-seller ‘Think and Grow Rich’. Hill backed his theory with strong logic and his deep understanding of human psychology. When millions of Americans were feeling doomed under the shadow of the great depression of 1939, this theory of Hill came as a boon. The theory helped them immensely to overcome the ills of negativity. The wisdom which Hill shared was so empowering that it reached every corner of the world. Even today, this theory is as relevant as it was before. It is  regarded as an important part of success philosophy and personal achievement.

How this works?

According to Hill, the ‘Master Mind Group’ is a group of like minded people with similar traits and similar objectives. Hill believes that humans have the tendency to choose their social circle, friends or partners as per their own mental liking. A perfect match can be beneficial to ensure success in any undertaking. Closely notice the kind of business partner, the kind of friend or the kind of colleague you have and then observe who are more aligned to your objectives and who are part of your inner circle. The person who attracts you more or  with whom you feel most comfortable and empowered, can be a member of your master mind group.

It always pays to be choosy

After years of dedicated research and closely studying the habits of more than hundred successful men like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Charles Schwab etc, Hill came to the conclusion that brains are like magnets. When more than one brain focus on a single subject or objective with similar intensity then even an impossible task can be achieved easily. As per Hill, all successful men employ this practice hence they seldom fail or get broke. Common people often ignore this by choosing their circle carelessly and go through struggles and miseries.

You can experience the fact on your own. A student who hangs out with academically bright fellow students imbibe positive traits through habit sharing. Likewise, a business fails if there is lack of understanding between partners. But simply forming a group is not enough. Hill stated that ‘Harmony’ is the most important factor in ensuring longevity of the group and only then one can expect to achieve real success. If you are associated with a group and call it a master mind then maintain perfect harmony, because remember ‘Together we stand and divided we fall’.

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