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Bengali Shinni Prasad Recipe

Bengali Satyanarayan Pujo Shinni Prasad recipe

Shinni is a prasad offering made at Satyanarayan Puja as per Hindu customs and rituals. Here you will get exact details & proportion for ingredients of how to make Satyanarayan Puja Shinni prasad at home

Paka Kolar Bora recipe

Paka Kolar Bora | Bengali Banana-Coconut Fritters Recipe

With these Paka Kolar Bora (Banana Fritters), our grandmothers would manage those over-ripened bananas that nobody would touch! These banana fritters is an excellent evening snack idea since they are made with super nutritious bananas, coconut and jaggery. Its a completely vegan, refined-sugar free, paleo-diet friendly and a nut-free recipe.