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30+ Best Jamai Sashti Menu Ideas

Jamai Sashti Menu List - Jamai Sashti Menu ideas

|| JAMAI SASHTI || জামাই ষষ্ঠী || Simply put, it can be called Son-in-law’s Day. And in order to celebrate the day, Bengali sasuri maa’s aka mother-in-law usually prepares an elaborate jamai sashti menu list that often includes the best of Bengali traditional recipes from her culinary repertoire!

West Bengal Tourism - Resorts near Kolkata - Sobujbon

Sobujbon – Kolkata’s Weekend Getaway Spot in Nature

If you are also like me who spends the entire year looking for top travel destinations just for this season, come aboard. I think we can plan an outing together. If you are looking for a weekend getaway destination from Kolkata, then I have a fantastic location in my mind, Sobujbon Resorts near Shantiniketan

Serampore Rajbari Kolkata places to visit Bengal Tourism

Serampore: Exploring the Danish Connection

Serampore or erstwhile Fredriksnagore appears to be just like any other Bengal town, but there is another side to the place which is truly unique and this can be found in its history. The colonial history of this place is particularly fascinating though the history of the place pre-dates the arrival of first Europeans in the subcontinent. The quite little village on the banks of Ganga drew attention of the Danish East India company in 1755 and it sparked the beginning of an exciting time, filled with richness and grandeur.