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Rui Macher Matha diye Bandhakopi Tarkari Recipe

Rui Macher Matha diye Bandhakopi Tarkari

Rui Macher Matha diye Bandhakopi tarkari is a classic cabbage stir-fry cooked with Rohu fish head and a handful of spices. This bandhakopir tarkari is most often reserved for special occasions like weddings or family get-togethers where it is served as a part of the lunch menu.

Bandhakopi Chechki Recipe

Bandhakopir Chechki | Bengali Cabbage Stir-fry Recipe

Bandhakopi Chechki is the simplest form of a Bengali cabbage stirfry recipe. Here finely sliced bandhakopi (cabbage in English or pattagobhi in Hindi) is allowed to steam cook in its own juice till it looses some of its texture and becomes soft and much flavorful. Often served for breakfast, this bandhakopi recipe in Bengali style pairs superb with Bengali luchis or paranthas.

Bandhakopi recipe - Bandhakopir Dalna - Cabbage stir-fry

Bandhakopir Dalna | Bengali Stir-fried Cabbage [Video Recipe]

This Bandhakopir Tarkari, also known as Bandhakopir Dalna is a winter season’s cult classic Bengali veggie side dish. Bandhakopi or cabbage is finely sliced and then stir-fried with a couple of potatoes, grated ginger and spices. This niramish bandhakopi dalna tarkari is vegetarian and gluten-free.