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Spiced Apple Cake Recipe

Spiced Apple Cake recipe

This spiced Apple Cake recipe is perfect as a fall baking recipe. When the market is flooded with the juiciest of the apples and there’s a nip in the air, this mildly spicy and a tad bit boozy Apple Cake can lift your spirits in a jiffy.

Sweet Shortcrust Tart Shell

Sweet & Flaky Pie Crust Recipe

This sweet Pie Crust recipe is one of those recipes which you should probably stick on your refrigerator door! I am serious when I say that it is just too hard to come across foolproof & easy pie crust recipes which would give you a perfectly flaky and buttery tart shell for your pies and tarts. In this post, I have shared pie crust recipe with butter in two ways. One with egg and another eggless for those who prefer eggless baking.