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The Casual Vacancy Book Review

The Casual Vacancy | J.K.Rowling

THIS IS NOT ANOTHER HARRY POTTER BOOK, SO KINDLY LEAVE ALL YOUR PRECONCEPETIONS AT THE HOGWARTS CAMPUS ITSELF. THANK YOU. I had read tons of negative reviews online and honestly, this 500 page novel did intimidate me in the beginning. Would it be worth my time? I had wondered. Turns out, it definitely is. It […]

Calling Sehmat Book Review

Calling Sehmat | Harinder Sikka | Penguin

Calling Sehmat: A 20 year old vulnerable girl getting married into an influential Pakistani family in order to relay privileged information back home. This is probably going to be the most exciting sentence i’ll ever write. Sehmat, who is just as beautiful and serene as her birthplace Kashmir, is told by her father on his […]