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Gurer Narkel Naru Recipe | Jaggery Coconut Bliss Balls

Narkel Naru recipe

This Gurer Narkel Naru or Jaggery & Coconut Bliss Balls are a must during any Bengali festive celebration. All you need is some coconut & jaggery. That’s it. Both are abundantly available in a Bengali household and when combined together yields enough to cater to everyone in the family, from young to old because everyone is a big fan of this traditional Bengali sweet called Narkel Naru.

Mangsher Ghugni Recipe

Mangsher Ghugni Recipe

Mangsher Ghugni or Mutton Ghugni is a cult favourite Bengali dish where mutton keema or minced meat is cooked with dried yellow peas. It is often served as a snack during post-Durga Puja get-together known as Bijoya Doshomi.

katla macher tel diye bhat chorchori

Katla Macher Tel diye Bhat Chorchori Recipe

This Katla Macher recipe of using the macher tel or fish fat is one of the unique dishes popular in my family. Here, the katla macher tel that is fish fat and its liver is fried in some mustard oil along with chopped onion and a handful of rice. This in itself is a dish and doesn’t need any side dish to go with.

Motichoor Ladoo recipe

Kesar Motichoor Ladoo Recipe

Motichoor Ladoo is an immensely popular Indian sweet dish, often served during weddings and festivals. Made with gram flour or besan, sugar, water, and in this case, some saffron. It is vegan and completely gluten-free but may have some chopped seeds and nuts.

red chili hot sauce recipe

Red Chili Hot Sauce Recipe

This Red Chili Hot Sauce is a multipurpose sauce that one should have in their pantry, all the time. Make a dip for your potstickers or spice up your stir-fries with this super easy hot sauce. If you want to take my word for it, make a big batch of this and keep it in your fridge for just in case when you need to amp up your dishes!

Chicken with Lemongrass recipe

Lemongrass Chicken Recipe

This Lemongrass Chicken recipe ticks all the boxes for me, its simple, needs minimal ingredients and tastes absolutely delicious. If you are like me who loves to have some chicken dish as a leftover for a rainy day, this is definitely my numero uno choice. among several lemongrass recipes in my recipe book, this chicken recipe is the most sought after chicken dinner recipe.

Instant mango pickle

Mango Pickle Recipe with Green Chilies & Garlic

This instant mango pickle recipe with fiery hot green chillies and garlic is perfect quick & easy to make pickle recipe which will spice up your meals in no time. Already a roaring success among my friends and family, now its time for you try this finger-licking green mango pickle recipe. Unlike rest of the traditional Indian pickle recipes, it does not need to be kept in the sun for days after days. All you have to do is bring the ingredients together and get this done under an hour.