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Aloo Diye Macher Jhal Recipe


This Rui Macher Jhal recipe is very close to the original Bengali Shorshe bata diye Macher Jhal where Rohu pieces are cooked in a mustard sauce gravy. With a couple of extra ingredients, this Indian fish curry recipe is the perfect gluten-free side dish to be served with perfectly cooked Indian Basmati rice.

Aloo Uchhe Jhal Recipe

Aloo Uchhe Jhal Recipe

Aloo Uchhe Jhal or Bengali Aloo Karela recipe is a summer staple in most Bengali households. Slices of korola (karela or Bitter Melon) and potatoes are cooked together with some panchphoron (Bengali five spice mix) and served at the beginning of the meal with some rice.

Lauki Kofta Curry recipe

Lauki Kofta Curry Recipe

This Lauki Kofta Curry recipe is a summer special recipe using Lauki (Bottle Gourd, Lau or Opo Squash). Koftas made of grated lauki or Bottle Gourd is served with a tomato-based mildly spicy gravy. It can be served with Indian flatbread like chapattis, rotis or naans, or with rice-based dishes like Cumin Rice or Peas Pulao.

chicken curry recipe

Khada Masala Chicken Curry | Gota Moshla Murgh Recipe

Indian spices can be your most trusted friend in the kitchen, only if you learn its temperament. Every spice is different and when used in combination, can give you a flavour bomb to your dish. This chicken curry recipe is cooked with such a delectable choice of Indian spices which takes this recipe to a whole new gastronomic level altogether.

Aloo Peyaj Posto

Aloo Peyaj Posto or Potatoes In Poppy Seed Gravy Recipe

If you call yourself a foodie, then you must have already started drooling over this picture of Aloo Peyaj Posto! This recipe is a slight twist to the traditional Bengali recipe of Aloo Posto which is basically stir-fried potatoes with finely ground paste of Posto or Khus khus or Poppy Seeds. Often served with a slight dash of pungent Mustard Oil, it is one dish that is perfectly capable of driving any Bengali food lover into a gastronomic food coma.

Aloo Jhal - Aloo Batichorchori Recipe

Aloor Jhal | Bengali Potato Curry Recipe

This Aloor Jhal is a modern twist on the classic aloo bati chorchori recipe, one of the lost Bengali recipes to the fact pacing life of today’s generation. However, this humble Bengali potato curry can surely make a way back to our busy lives owing to its quick and minimal ingredients. This aloo batichorchori recipe is vegan, gluten free and absolutely quickest potato recipe that you will ever come across.