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Nikuti Recipe

Nikuti - Bengali Sweets Recipe

Nikuti is one of the lesser-known Bengali Sweet from India’s eastern state of West Bengal. Similar to the recipes of Pantua and Chanar Jilipi, nikuti recipe also needs fresh cottage cheese of cow’s milk mixed with semolina and flour. Small oblong-shaped dumplings are made out of the dough which is deep-fried before soaking in a simple syrup.

Instant Gulab Jamun recipe

Instant Gulab Jamun Recipe

Gulab Jamun is a very popular Indian sweet where milk solid dumplings are deep fried and then soaked in flavoured sugar syrup. This is a simple and no-fail gulab jamun recipe from milk powder

Eggless Strawberry Tart with Vanilla Custard Cream Recipe

Eggless Strawberry Tart with Vanilla Custard Cream Recipe

This eggless Strawberry Tart recipe what you need to make yourself a fancy dessert, without breaking a sweat. All you need is a couple of simple ingredients, which is I am sure is already there in your pantry and an hour of your time. Make the best use of the season’s fresh Strawberries and make this custard-filled tart, topped with fresh strawberry slices.

Instant Kalakand Recipe with Condensed Milk Milkmaid

Instant Kalakand Recipe [Video Recipe]

Kalakand is a South Asian sweetmeat, made with fresh cottage cheese, milk and sugar. Said to have its origin in Alwar in Rajasthan, it is hugely popular in the Indian subcontinent and can be found at every sweet shop. This is a quick & easy recipe for kalakand, using freshly curdled cheese or paneer, a can of condensed milk and a tiny bit of sugar.