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Ol Bhaate | Bengali Mashed Yam Recipe

Ol Bhaate

This Ol Bhaate, also known as ‘ol makha’ is a simple Bengali side dish where elephant foot yam or suran is cooked till soft and tender and then mashed with couple of ingredients. This oal bhate recipe is mostly served with the rice for a lunch meal, and is consumed in the beginning of the meal. Like most of the Bengali daily cooking recipes, it is simple, hassle-free and easy to digest recipe.

Ol er dalna

Ol er Dalna | Bengali Yam Curry Recipe

Ol er Dalna is an easy and delicious Bengali vegetarian dish made with Yams, also known as Elephant Foot, Suran, or Jimikand. It is a no-onion & no-garlic Bengali niramish recipe, which is often served with Rice.