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The Casual Vacancy Book Review

The Casual Vacancy | J.K.Rowling

THIS IS NOT ANOTHER HARRY POTTER BOOK, SO KINDLY LEAVE ALL YOUR PRECONCEPETIONS AT THE HOGWARTS CAMPUS ITSELF. THANK YOU. I had read tons of negative reviews online and honestly, this 500 page novel did intimidate me in the beginning. Would it be worth my time? I had wondered. Turns out, it definitely is. It […]

The Carpet Weaver Book Review

The Carpet Weaver | Nemat Sadat | Penguin Viking

Everything is fair in love and war. Is it? Well, in case of Kanishka Nurzada, it wasn’t. A 16-year-old Afghan, who intends to continue his father’s business, has secrets which can destroy his family in seconds. He is, what people of his community calls, a Kuni. An extremely derogatory term for gay people where they […]

The Red Line Book Review

The Red Line | Tanmay Dubey

Delhi Metro. The Red Line. 10:55 P.M.  6 passengers. 3 flashes. 1 dead body. The world of SHO Hanumant Shastri and ASI Azhar Ansari takes a turn when a high profile case lands in their jurisdiction. An MoD personnel drops dead where everything points the case to be open and shut. Shastri sniffs out some […]