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Shorshe Bhapa Ilish Recipe

Shorshe Bhapa Ilish | Bengali Hilsa Fish Curry Recipe

This shorshe bhapa ilish recipe is one of the most classic and favourite fish recipes for every Bengali out there. This hilsa curry is made using hilsa or ilish, a fish belonging to the herring family. It is native to the Bay of bengal and hence widely popular in Eastern Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine.

Bengali Doi Maach recipe

Doi Maach | Bengali Fish in Yogurt Curry Recipe

Doi Maach is a delicious fish curry recipe, where lightly fried fish pieces are simmered in a yoghurt based gravy. It comes together quickly and is deliciously mellow in taste. Those who do not prefer hot and spicy other Indian fish dishes can definitely give this Bengali fish curry of doi maach a try.

Rui Macher Matha diye Bandhakopi Tarkari

Rui Macher Matha diye Bandhakopi Tarkari Recipe

Rui Macher Matha diye Bandhakopi tarkari is a classic cabbage stir-fry cooked with Rohu fish head and a handful of spices. This bandhakopir tarkari is most often reserved for special occasions like weddings or family get-togethers where it is served as a part of the lunch menu.

Aloo phulkopi diye rui macher jhol recipe

Aloo Phulkopi diye Rui Macher Jhol Recipe

This Rohu or Rui macher jhol recipe cooked with potatoes and cauliflower is a winter delight on every Bengali everyday cooking menu. Fresh water rohu or rui is lightly fried before adding to a very light gravy comprising of fried cauliflower and potatoes. It is light, comforting and has a high nutritional value.