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DIY Gingerbread Cookie Enchanted Forest

Gingerbread Cookie Enchanted Forest scene

This Enchanted Forest Gingerbread Cookie is for those, who like me, always wanted to take the holiday cookie baking game to the next level. Here, I have used my simple no-molasses gingerbread cookie recipe to make this beautiful enchanted forest scene right out of some fairytale. No special cookie cutter required for this. Just a bit of craftwork and steady hands, that’s all you need to make this gorgeous piece of artwork cookie for your Christmas.

Pear Cake

Ginger & Pear Cake Recipe

This Ginger & Pear Cake is the perfect summer tea cake recipe baked with fresh fruit, Pear. The juicy pears sitting elegantly on the top of a ginger & almond perfumed cake makes for the perfect cake for a high-tea or a sunday brunch with family.