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30+ Best Jamai Sashti Menu Ideas

Jamai Sashti Menu List - Jamai Sashti Menu ideas

|| JAMAI SASHTI || জামাই ষষ্ঠী || Simply put, it can be called Son-in-law’s Day. And in order to celebrate the day, Bengali sasuri maa’s aka mother-in-law usually prepares an elaborate jamai sashti menu list that often includes the best of Bengali traditional recipes from her culinary repertoire!

Besan Ladoo Recipe

Besan Ladoo Recipe

Besan Ladoo is a popular Indian sweet, which is made and consumed throughout the year. Besan means Bengal Gram flour and ladoo means round balls. Here, the besan or gram flour is thoroughly roasted in ghee or clarified butter and then added with sugar and spices. Besan ke ladoo is particularly very popular as Diwali sweets or during other festivals and marriages.