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Kolkata Fish Fry Recipe

Kolkata Fish Fry with Kasundi and onion salad

This Bengali Fish Fry is popular street food from Kolkata, that hardly needs an introduction. Beautifully carved Bhetki (Barramundi or Seabass) fish fillet, marinated in onion, ginger, garlic & chilli juice before dipped in an egg wash & breaded for frying them to perfection.

West Bengal Tourism - Resorts near Kolkata - Sobujbon

Sobujbon – Kolkata’s Weekend Getaway Spot in Nature

If you are also like me who spends the entire year looking for top travel destinations just for this season, come aboard. I think we can plan an outing together. If you are looking for a weekend getaway destination from Kolkata, then I have a fantastic location in my mind, Sobujbon Resorts near Shantiniketan

Eau Chew Kolkata Restaurant Chinese food

Eau Chew – Lamp-Bearer of Kolkata’s Chinese Food

Upon entering Eau Chew, an eight decades-old establishment, you will be first welcomed by some very old photos of senior clan members watching you from the mantelpiece. The rest is taken care of by the subtle authentic aura of Chinese incense and the blissful sound of a few hanging chimes.

Kolkata Egg Chicken Kathi Roll

Kolkata Chicken Egg Roll Recipe

কাঠি রোল aka skewer roasted kebabs rolled inside an Indian flatbread (Parantha) along with sauces and salad. This salad most often comprises of sliced Onion, chopped Green chilies, cucumber and even cabbage sometimes. Egg-Chicken Roll is a perfect on-the-go kind of food which can be grabbed while you are on the way to your work or coming back.