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Aam Porar Sharbat | Bengali Aam Panna

Aam Pora Sharbat

This Aam Panna drink or Bengali Aam Porar Shorbot is the most refreshing drink, perfectly suitable for the upcoming summer days. Mangoes are something that we look forward to every year and when the Green Mangoes hit the market first, it becomes absolutely must to make this green mango mocktail.

Mango Cake with Cardamom Cream dessert recipe

Mango Cake With Cardamom Cream Recipe

Among all the mango recipes on my blog, this Mango Swirl Cake with Cardamom Cream is the highlight. This dessert comes with a base of my signature Vanilla Cake topped with cardamom flavored cream with a crown of Mango slices arranged beautifully in a swirl.

কাঁচা আম ডাল Bengali Tokk Dal Kacha Aam Dal Recipe

Kacha Aam Dal | Bengali Green Mango Dal Recipe

There is only one thing that makes me wait for summers and that is Mango. Green as well as ripened, both are awaited with abated breath in my household. First one to reach the markets is always the Green Mango which makes delicious chutneys and a special Bengali sour dal known as Toker Dal. The nomenclature here, need a little bit of explanation. ‘Tok‘ means sour in Bangla, hence, Toker Daal means sour dal. The sour taste essentially comes from the unripened tangy Green Mango. Among the various lentil recipes, this green mango recipe is a staple in every Bengali household during the summer months in India.