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Basic Vanilla Cake Recipe
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Easy & Basic Vanilla Cake Recipe

This Vanilla Cake recipe is even easier than baking those boxed cake mixes. And way cheaper as well. Why waste money when you can master this basic vanilla cake recipe and modify it into million ways for a different cake every time you bake? Here, I will tell you why you should stick this easy homemade vanilla cake recipe to your fridge because you can make so many different types of desserts using this basic cake recipe.

Chocolate Mug Cake
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Chocolate-Walnut Mug Cake Recipe

My favourite Chocolate Walnut Cake recipe in a mug! This chocolate walnut mug cake recipe is my favourite chocolate walnut cake in a mug! It has everything that can make you cosy and comfortable. This recipe for mug cake calls for a good quality cocoa powder, chopped walnuts and 20 minutes of time, that’s it. […]

Easy Vanilla Mug Cake Recipe
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Vanilla Mug Cake Recipe

Basic & easy recipe for mug cake: Vanilla Cake This easy vanilla cake mug cake recipe is perfect for those who are new to baking.Or, those who aren’t in mood for baking an entire cake but would love to grab a few bites of classic vanilla cake. Simple ingredients and basic techniques will give you […]