Targeted : My Inside Story of Cambridge Analytica and How Trump and Facebook Broke Democracy | Brittany Kaiser

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If you have ever had one of those experiences where you seem to talk about something as random as Chinese hand-fans and come across advertisements asking you if you are interested in buying authentic Chinese hand-fans made out of silk? If this has happened to you, then congratulations, You have been TARGETED!

Think before You Press ‘Allow’

It is no breaking news that our data is not safe and nobody is a private individual anymore. We are just a bunch of datasets to the social media conglomerates who prey on our movements and our preferences and sell this ‘binary gold’ to corporation who try to manipulate their way into our lives. Turns out it can take an ugly turn and shake the very foundation on which the pillars of democracy stands.

 One such thing happened when a company called Cambridge Analytica decided to trade in data and profit off of it. Brittany Kaiser takes us through the scary world of Big Data and psychoanalysis. I always had inkling of what Cambridge Analytica was and their invisible ties to Trump’s presidential campaigns and Brexit but I never had the entire picture in front of me. Her family had faced some serious financial crisis which compelled her to accept the offer that Alexander Nix had made her but she wholly could never be a part of SCL. It might seem all too convenient for her to come out with this story now that the company is facing such bad publicity and how she came out to be in the Netflix documentary ‘The Great Hack’. What with Facebook and their dicey encryption, it is quite obvious why she had to whistle-blow on the entire propaganda.

The chapter dealing with the postmortem of Trump’s election campaign gave me chills. They basically designed advertisements and campaign posters according to the demography. And not just place and culture. From the kind of posts you like to the kind of movies you watch to your preferred sexual position. Everything and everything was monitored and that is how people were manipulated.

This is a very important book since we all are extremely involved with social media and the internet. Brittany brings forth the darker sides of Facebook which is more than just cute cat videos and Candy Crush requests. If you want to learn how quickly the world is changing over data, this should definitely be your pick. Sometimes, I felt the author got too involved in self-pity and at certain points, I felt she got too repetitive about her involvement as an intern for the Obama campaign because I get it that she has been associated with the Trump campaign and this is how she might be trying to redeem her name. Still, it did feel redundant.

All in all an extremely informative read, at times scary. It made me consider all my social media moves and what I should be sharing. Only awareness can save you and keep you from being TARGETED!

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  1. This review is enough to give a whole idea what this book could be all about. How China affect our privacy on internet, now may be everybody get aware in this COVID situation.

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