The Art of Letting Go Poetry Book Review

The Art of Letting Go | Sanhita Baruah | Notion Press

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The cover of The Art of Letting Go is gorgeous with a very comfortable typeface. I absolutely love the quality of pages and the cover itself. 

The non-uniformity in alignments and line spacing in the poems in my opinion symbolised the different feelings and pauses Sanhita must have gone through while penning them down. It added a special beautifying factor to the book.

Letting go is an art and Sanhita Baruah is the Picasso of this art. In very simple words and in arranged manner, she made my pain look very less painful. One has to wonder, if someone is capable of wording her feelings with such poise, how elegant they must be in person.


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I’ll be talking about few of the poems that caught me off-guard and let me tell you I am heavily in love with her words.

When you are drowning in sorrow, your body imbibes the sorrow in such a way that even single most of your atom gets addicted to the sufferings. She tells about this beautifully through her poem ‘Instead’

In the poem ‘A night’s conversation’, everybody’s nightmare has been brought to life where you find the person who accepts your pasts and yet you don’t feel like a part of his present or his future.

She talks about how you should not lose hope even when the very world seems to have turned their back on you in the poem ‘Falling’.

In her poem ‘Sunrise’, she bravely treads on the topic of mental health when she urges herself to take those “unorthodox” pills in order to make yourself enjoy the sunrise once more. 

The poem ‘Grow’ is my absolute favourite because she in a very few words was capable of saying that, sometimes people don’t want to see you grow because at this particular moment you might not be aware of your potential, but they sure are. So never let others to dictate your growth curve and YOU DO YOU, BOO!


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