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I had read tons of negative reviews online and honestly, this 500 page novel did intimidate me in the beginning. Would it be worth my time? I had wondered. Turns out, it definitely is. It is not the world that she creates has magic but herself. Her smooth prose with even tone of narration definitely is a treat.


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You might not expect an author known writing for children to come up with stories dealing with prostitution, rape, casual sex, drug abuse, murder??, self-mutilation and politics. Honestly, I have never had the chance to read the Harry Potter books so I have an unveiled point of view towards her work. She built the town of Pagford right around me and I had the map all drawn out. With Fields on one side, where all the undesirables lived, ruining the aesthetics of the town.

A seemingly quiet and small town started brewing with dirty politics and sabotage plans when Barry Fairbrother shuts his eyes for good. Everyone had their views and everyone wanted their way in this misfortune. Kids against their parents. Wives against their husbands. Everybody, it seemed, were at war.

The biggest plus point of this book, The Casual Vacancy had to be the characters. JKR took her sweet time unraveling every single character slowly and with extreme precision. I had to keep tabs of all the characters and how they were related, because I am no good with names even in the real life. The characters were real enough and quite distinct. Each one of them had their unique personality built from scratch and layered to the core. Their fears, troubles, anxieties, worries, happiness, sadness could be felt. The entire town has been explained from everybody’s point of you. Literally, everybody is explaining everybody. Now this is what made the story a bit stretch-y.

For the first 300 pages or so, I almost DNFed it 9 times. Yes, I kept count. But the ending. Oh what a beauty. I am not going to reveal it but it was worth not DNFing the book for good. JKR can write. Getting out of the comfort zone to write on the lines which have been trodden by many in the past is truly commendable and there’s no doubt that I’d happily look forward to rest of her works.

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