The Red Line Book Review

The Red Line | Tanmay Dubey

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Delhi Metro. The Red Line. 10:55 P.M.  6 passengers. 3 flashes. 1 dead body.

The world of SHO Hanumant Shastri and ASI Azhar Ansari takes a turn when a high profile case lands in their jurisdiction. An MoD personnel drops dead where everything points the case to be open and shut. Shastri sniffs out some inconsistencies and takes on the path of dharma to get to the truth. It is the journey of Hanumant Shastri, how even after being battered and bruised his entire career, he sticks to his values and fights till the end to unveil the truth.


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The Red Line Book Review

The Red Line is no ordinary thriller. It is a reminder of how a human being can be the best of themselves by shunning of all the worldly distractions. Situations might arise where you have to give in to the glamour but the real wealth is within.

The story was well knit with no loopholes and with an air-tight plot. The research gone behind the government procedures and facilities is commendable and I’ll have to hand it to Tanmay for making it all so fluid.  The characters and their portrayal were excellent. Each of them were given the correct amount of page-time and I enjoyed exploring them well. Just the absolute amounts of facts were revealed which were needed at that point of time throughout the entire book and I never felt the overloading of unnecessary bureaucratic jargon.

When it comes to language, it was character appropriate. The socio-economic backgrounds of the people were kept in mind while framing the dialogues giving extra depth to the cast. I appreciate the inclusion of female characters from all walks of life. From the likes of Col. Matrika, and Dr. Kavitha Aroor to quaint homemakers to sex workers and revolutionaries to high profile journalists. There was variety and not everyone was an eye-candy. Inclusion is important and I expect more such examples in his future work where not just people who identify as females can relate but also those who don’t fall into the spectrum of binary genders.

The Red Line turned red on one unfortunate night and set off a chain of events that can put the entire nation in jeopardy. A classic who-dun-it where the righteousness of a believer paves the way to justice but is it enough to save the country? Grab your copy from Amazon to find out! 



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