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The Wise Man Said | Priya Kumar

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Truly an adventure of a lifetime!

There are books, and then there are experiences. “The Wise Man Said” was nothing short of an experience of a lifetime. Ms. Priya Kumar was kind enough to wish me a life full of adventure personally through her pearl-like handwriting and I simply couldn’t stop blushing for I have never felt this connected to an author prior to this. This book gave total Paulo Coelho vibes. It was like ‘The Secret’ meets ‘Brida’ but with a better storytelling. Certain written scripts simply tug at your heartstrings and you cannot deny the pull. Ms. Priya took me on a whole new dimension of positivity and I already feel some fresh love within me.

This adventure is of an established author, Naina who is running late with the deadline set by her editor. In a total state of daze and confusion, she was knee-deep in self-doubt. Until, she took a new path and came across an eccentric little man called Sammy in red Nike shoes who claimed to be a billionaire with 23 companies of his own. He intrigued her. After a brief and momentary exchange of words, he vanished leaving a priceless journal with her. She goes through the journal to realize he was no ordinary rich man gone pious for karmic reasons. Throughout his journey, he experienced a lot of cultures across the world, from China to Somalia.

Each of his adventure summed up a lesson (or lessons) beautifully in the chapters. Since it was Sammy’s journal, it had Sammy’s point of view and what he saw. The “What I missed seeing then” sections brought out what he couldn’t grab then and there but with time, his eyes opened. The postscripts ( and P.P.Ses) added a personal touch to all of it. Human beings do miss out on stuff. We all keep adding to our lives.


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Book Review of The Wise Man Said:

1) The story is super tight. Everything was round up really well. Naina was portrayed as a well-established author running late on deadlines, absolutely sick with the celebrity life as told by Naina herself that celebrities don’t have the privilege to be in a bad mood or not smile for their fans.

2) It all felt quite personal. The tone of the text used by Ms. Priya had a feel-good vibe about it. It was as if Ms. Priya herself was telling me the story by my bedside.

3) The analogies she used were quite smart. She compared Naina’s relationship with her books with an employer or a mother as to how they feel about their employees and children.

4) I cannot emphasize how beautiful the cover is and how pretty her handwriting is. The book comes in a beautiful cover with a quote from the book, making it truly a wonderful experience.

5) The Getafix + Dumbledore reference has all my heart. IT KILLED!

6) Each chapter was quite informative with lessons on faith, love, and soulmates which I’ll let the readers go through them on their own.

7) The only thing that kind of irked me was that I found certain sentences to be too repetitive which I know is her style of storytelling and narration of course, but in certain places, the sentences began exactly the same way with the same phrases as the last ones. It didn’t affect my reading pace much.  So it good!

8) My favourite bit was when Sammy talks about the prospect of turning Kidney Stones into diamonds in order to save his life. The humour in this book was on point.

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The product came right on time, in a wonderful condition. In fact, Ms. Priya was kind enough to sign the copies and wrap them in a beautiful cover. This book is suitable for anyone who is feeling quite low in their life and needs some positive upliftment in their lives. The story-telling is amazing. Each chapter has a valuable lesson to teach about faith, soulmates and as such. The humour is on point. Would recommend to people of all ages and all fields of life. It can bring about a huge shift in the way you perceive the universe.

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