delhi to kolkata roadtrip

The Grand Trunk Road Tripping: How to Plan A Road Trip from Delhi to Kolkata

For those who might be on-road for the first time, they should begin by planning, before going for a road trip to Kolkata by calculating the total distance to be covered with stopovers and night-halts.

Plus, you should also take account of all on-road expenses and toll fees as they constitute an important part of the budget.

Travel to India from US

Planning Your Next Travel to India? Here’s what you need to know.

Honest suggestions for you before you plan your travel to India from US India is shining on the global map for all the good reasons. From robust policies to steady developments in the economic, technological and social arena, India is going through a really exciting phase and there’s never been a better time to experience […]

West Bengal Tourism - Resorts near Kolkata - Sobujbon

Sobujbon – Kolkata’s Weekend Getaway Spot in Nature

West Bengal Tourism Destination for Leisure Travels – Sobujbon Eco Resort If you are also like me who spends the entire year looking for top travel destinations just for this season, come aboard. I think we can plan an outing together. If you are looking for a weekend getaway destination from Kolkata, then I have […]

Jorasanko Thakur Bari History Kolkata

Kolkata Photowalk – Jorasanko Thakur bari | Home of the Tagore

মাঝে মাঝে তব দেখা পাই…..চিরদিন কেন পাইনা। It seems like these words of Kobiguru Rabindranath Tagore resonate through my ears whenever I have been back to one of the most popular residences of this country, Jorasanko Thakur bari. The ancestral home of the Thakur poribaar, the famed Tagore clan! It was this place where the […]

Ceramic & Pottery Market in Delhi

Malviya Nagar – Top Ceramic & Pottery Shopping Spot in Delhi

Give your abode a 360° makeover with ceramic & pottery handicrafts City life has confined us to limited spaces. Gone are those days when we would call a sprawling, all-side open house out homes. I mean there are few lucky ones who have the privilege of owning a space with gardens all around and a […]

Rann Utsav Gujarat Tourism

Rann Utsav – The Cultural Grandiose of Gujarat

Rann Utsav – a confluence of cultures, breathtaking beauty and tapestry of vivid colours Every year, the Rann Utsav engulfs the lustrous white desert of Dordo at Kutch with festive extravaganza and vibrancy. Organised by Tourism Corporation of Gujarat, the festival is a melting pot of cultures, sights and sounds, which reflects the distinct spirit […]

Sarnath Museum

Sarnath Travel Guide – Why it should be on your bucket-list!

Top Tourist Spots At Sarnath, near Varanasi Barely 30 minutes from the hustle & bustle of Varanasi, Sarnath presents an absolute contrast picture. Situated around 10 kilometers from the city limits, it is one of the important pilgrimage sites for the Buddhists. This place came into its prominence for the first time in the history […]

Gariahat Market

Gariahat Market – Kolkata Street Shopping Therapy

,There goes an old saying that, “Bagh’er Doodh Theke Hathi’r Daant, Sob Pava Jabey”. To translate it in simper words, it means that you will get everything from Tigress’s milk to Ivory. Such is the notoriety of this place which brings everyone at least once to live a shopper’s dream. Gariahat Bazaar or Gariahat Market […]

Portuguese Plaque on the wall of Diu Fort

Diu Fort- Reminiscence of Portuguese Heritage in India

Gujarat Weekend Destination: Diu Diu is a very popular weekend getaway destination among the bhais and bens of the westernmost city of our country, Gujarat. Unknown to many, Gujaratis are very fond of travelling and they would always prefer spending their weekends travelling, rather than sitting around at home. With such outgoing personality, they are […]

C R Park Delhi market

Chittaranjan Park – Mini-Kolkata of New Delhi

Hub of Probashi Bangalis – Chittaranjan Park of New Delhi Chittaranjan Park or CR Park is pretty much synonymous to ‘Kolkata’ in New Delhi. Every Bengali residing in Delhi is almost instantaneously thought to be living in Chittaranjan Park, one of the largest Bengali community outside the borders of Bengal.  Not many people know about […]

Chandigarh rock garden history

Rock Garden of Chandigarh – A Rocky Utopia

Rocky History of Chandigarh Rock Garden How far will you go in doing something illegal, knowing that you’d get caught some day and your life might turn upside down? Everything you did will be out for the world to see and chances are there that your work will be judged. Would you still go on […]


New Delhi World Book Fair

History of World Book Fairs If you look at the history of book fairs then you would come to know that it had a humble beginning as a few stalls at the trade fairs held twice in a year at Frankfurt. Various goods exchanged hands which included clothes, wine, silver, pottery, cattle and horses and, […]

Udaipur Places to visit Vintage Cars

Udaipur – A lickety-split three hour tour

Busy lives with busier schedules call for short breaks which help us rewind and reboot our system. And, to help you do that we are offering you an amazing road trip idea to Udaipur, starting from New Delhi. It is a pleasant journey of a little over 240 kms. which takes somewhere 5-6 hours. Travelling […]

Jigme Dorji National Park travel guide

Jigme Dorji National Park: A Trekker’s Paradise In Bhutan

Established in 1974 in the memory of the late Third King of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuk, Jigme Dorji National Park is one of the oldest and most diverse National Parks of the country. It houses some of the most endangered species of animals like Snow Leopard, Asiatic Wild Dogs, Tiger, Himalayan Musk Deer, etc. Trekking […]

Serampore Rajbari Kolkata places to visit Bengal Tourism

Serampore: Exploring the Danish Connection

The Nordic-ville of Bengal – Serampore of Hooghly Serampore or erstwhile Fredriksnagore appears to be just like any other Bengal town, but there is another side to the place which is truly unique and this can be found in its history. The colonial history of this place is particularly fascinating though the history of the […]

Majnu ka Tilla New Delhi Tibet Market

Majnu ka Tilla: Tibetan Culture Center of New Delhi

It is not unusual to see a Tibetan child at Majnu ka Tilla, offering prayers at the monastery while people like us standing behind and observing their culture with an amazement. What started as a refuge center to the exiled Tibet residents, has now prospered into one of the biggest and most-sought after markets in […]

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