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Turn The Tables | Priya Kumar

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Priya Kumar does it again!

Right when I thought my life’s sine curve was going negative, she launched another masterpiece, TURN THE TABLES and I was fortunate enough to receive a signed, exclusive copy. My love for her grows every single day, and one cannot deny how smitten I get around her books. If a genie offers me to grant me a wish, it’d be to meet her and hug her, because honestly, I want to bask in her aura and learn everything I can.


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Brilliance of Turn The Table summarized below:

TURN THE TABLES is a roadmap guiding through Priya’s life’s struggles and achievements, and what she gained from them. Learning from experiences is important, but what is more important, is being able to apply them properly. She fell down, dusted herself up, gathered all that she could, and continued to shine like the bawse that she is.

TURN THE TABLES has 28 chapters, each filled with anecdotes from her life and what all she learnt and took back with herself. Her thoroughness and her commitment to people is extraordinary and straight-up inspiring. The fact that she could handle an entire radio show on her own for almost 2 months is commendable.

I feel that the universe conspired me to read this book at this point of my life when I am on the brink of beginning my career. She has given some excellent advice on workplace ethics and how to handle the work-life pressure. Something that I will be carrying on with me this entire lifetime and beyond as well.

Each of these chapters will make you introspect your life with a set of questions at the end. If answered properly, I can assure you, you’ll know what you are up to in your life and what more you need to do.

The quality of the book, as expected, is exemplary, though the cover can do better. The font is comfortable and I couldn’t find a single typographic error. The language is extremely easy and of beginner level, so everyone can go for it!

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