Where Will Man Take Us Book Review

Where Will Man Take Us? | Atul Jalan | Penguin

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WHERE WILL MAN TAKE US? A question that has baffled brightest of the minds when it comes to what human beings are capable of doing and achieving. The intensity with which we have been moving forward is mind blowing. Our species is evolving and so is our way with the world. It took almost a couple hundred thousand years for the first man to be civilized but in first 15 years of the 21st century has seen more innovation and changes than the entire humankind combined.

Sometimes you already know so much but you simply are not aware of the information that you hold within yourself. You just need a nudge from the outside to awaken the sleeping monster that resides within you. WHERE WILL MAN TAKE US? is that nudge, nay, it’s a freaking blow to your conscience. Every single thing is changing, from your personal data to your medicines, to Roombas to your plain-old-money. The world is not going to change exponentially in future.

WHERE WILL MAN TAKE US? is the kind of book which one might categorize into sci-fi but in reality, it is non-fiction. This is happening. Right this moment, this revolution is happening. A couple decades from now we will look at Atul Jalan the way we see Jules Verne.

Irrespective of the fact if you are a science-enthusiast or not, this book is a must-read for everyone! If you have spent even a single minute on the internet, I’ll say, go grab this book and get on with it.

You come across such books only once in a while and it stays with you for a long time. This is going to be my ultimate go-to reference book to anything and everything whether be it AI or genetic engineering or astrology or mathematics or even nanotechnology.


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Where Will Man Take Us? Book Review:

  • The language used is exemplary with a wonderful display of lexicon. I spied a lot of play on words like the “humorous example of laughing gas”.
  • While discussing about the discovery of the structure of the DNA, Mr. Jalan seemed to have skipped the breakthrough action and role of Rosalind Franklin whose crystallographic work was allegedly copied by Watson and Crick which stripped her chance of getting the recognition for decoding the structure of DNA. This is the only thing which makes me feel sad about this book- the non-inclusion of Rosalind Franklin.
  • It is a treat to the Asimov fandom!
  • There is a poem on astrology! What more do you want?
  • Being a biotechnology student, I loved the fact that Atul Jalan included the concept of CRISPR-Cas9 which is not that talked about in India. CRISPR-Cas9 is the future and it deserves all the limelight possible. From therapeutic genetic engineering to cosmetic genetic engineering, anything can be possible!
  • The concepts are so very well explained, this was the first time I actually understood what Quantum Entanglement is.
  • Should a robot which has been provided citizenship to a nation be considered a machine, property or an individual? What laws should govern such entities. Check out the book for such mind-boggling questions.
  • This book is not a mere guide to the future or cooking up theories on how the future can be. It goes deep into the roots of the concepts that has been discussed. A thorough research is evident from the thick citations section which basically makes this book even more trust-worthy.
  • POP CULTURE REFERENCES ALWAYS STEAL MY HEART! Talking about Altered Carbon, Westworld and even Game of Thrones (that too in nanotechnology, go figure!). Any book that includes television series is my instant favourite.
  • It ends on a very philosophical note.

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