how to plan your pregnancy

Trying To Get Pregnant? Learn How You Should Be Planning To Conceive

Bringing a child in this world needs some preparation. Most people start by saving for the imminent expenses that are bound to happen once the baby is born. Diapers, nanny, feed, medicines, etc. All these become a part of the daily routine which needs absolute attention. However, before thinking of getting pregnant, it is important […]

Jamini Roy Mother Child Sasthi Jamai Sashthi

Jamai Sashti: A Festival of Son-in-laws in Bengal

|| JAMAI SASHTI || জামাই ষষ্ঠী ||  Simply put, it can be called as Son-in-law’s Day. Long before the huge list of commemorative days came into its existence, Bengal was already in the great leagues of celebrating a day exquisitely dedicated to the son-in-laws of the family. Jamai Sashti, as Bengal proudly announces, is one day […]

Word Cloud Life Motivation

Resolutions To Help You Balance Work & Life

The Rat-race Called ‘Life’ Life has become the story of The Pied Piper. Ambitions, goals and expectations have become the Piper who is drawing this mankind to its end. Who is thinking about Work & Life balance? As soon as we open our eyes in the morning, the first thing we all do is check […]

Kurmasana Yoga Food Diet

3 Steps to Reach Your Inner soul with Kurmasana- Tortoise Pose

It’s hard to escape the harsh realities of life no matter who we are or what we do. Though the grass always seems greener on the other side, almost everyone is well acquainted with the long and never-ending inner battles. But every maze has an escape and every puzzle has a solution.  We humans are […]

How to train your brain to bring success

People Around You Can Influence Future

The concept of ‘Master Mind Group’ has always been acknowledged by many ancient traditions and faiths. But its simple practical application to influence future changed the course of  modern human existence The practical use of the theory of ‘Master Mind Group’ was first popularized by Napoleon Hill in his famous best-seller ‘Think and Grow Rich’. […]

Gujrat Farsan Rajkot Food

Eating Your Way Through Rajkot Restaurants

In a modern political map of India, Rajkot may be shown as a part of Gujarat, but essentially it is the part of the Saurashtra peninsula, which comprises a larger portion of the Gujarat state. To an outsider like us, this may not mean anything, but ask any local and they would deny being part […]

diu tourist places diu restaurants o coqueiro

O Coqueiro Restaurant – A Portuguese Shack You Shouldn’t Miss in Diu

O Coqueiro Restaurant In Diu Have you been planning a beach-side vacation for quite some time but always find the idea of visiting popular tourist destinations like Goa, overbearing? Well, one possible reason behind that could be the unwillingness to surrender to another chaotic destination when what you are truly looking for are peace and […]

Eau Chew Kolkata Restaurant Chinese food

Eau Chew – Lamp-Bearer of Kolkata’s Chinese Food

Eau Chew: Dishing Out Huang Cuisine For 80 Years And Counting Obscurely tucked behind a defunct Petrol Pump, this blink-and-you-miss restaurant may give you an unappetising first impression. But once you get past the dingy staircase and enter through the door of Eau Chew, you will find yourself amidst an authentic Chinese realm. Upon entering […]

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