Malviya Nagar – Top Ceramic & Pottery Shopping Spot in Delhi

Give your abode a 360° makeover with ceramic & pottery handicrafts

City life has confined us to limited spaces. Gone are those days when we would call a sprawling, all-side open house out homes.

I mean there are few lucky ones who have the privilege of owning a space with gardens all around and a terrace to look upon the horizon. But most of us have crawled ourselves into city apartments which urgently need a helping of aesthetic appeal.

This post is all about giving you ideas for shopping for your city abode. Let’s see a few places where you can go shopping for ceramics, potteries, plants and interior decoration in Delhi.

MALVIYA NAGAR – Hauz Rani Pottery & Ceramic Market

Just a couple of steps ahead of Malviya Nagar Metro Station, will bring you to a bevy of shops offering glazed ceramic products for your home, kitchen and garden.

Ceramic planters for indoor plants and balcony

Here, you can find beautiful and a huge variety of planters of different sizes for your indoor plants as well as for your balcony or garden. Sizes range from mini planters for your table top to large pots for your driveway.

Ceramic Cookware, ceramic servewares, food photography props in delhi

You can give your kitchen a complete makeover with ceramic cookwares, serveware and tableware. They have ceramic glazed dinner plates, quarter plates, bowls, soup bowls with soup spoons, serving pots with lids, salt & pepper shakers, trays, rice plates, traditional tea cups, mugs and many more. The list is endless. Each of these products comes in a variety of designs and colours.

The plates are prized in a set of 6. These ceramic glazed dinner plates may cost somewhere from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1200 for 6 pieces. Price of quarter plates can be somewhere between Rs. 450 to Rs. 900 for 6 pieces. A good bargain may help you land a good deal here!

For home decor, you will find wind chimes, aroma diffusers, electric diffusers, Buddha statues, etc.

Live plants shopping in Delhi

There are shops which sells varieties of plants as well. They also offer the ancillary products like plastic planters, soil, manures & fertilizers, garden items like beads, etc.

Terracotta Pots & plants for balcony and garden

This place is also the perfect place to buy terracotta pots and other items like wind chimes, bells, etc. They come in brilliant designs which may left you wondering if these are really handmade or otherwise. You can interact with the shop owners who are in most cases manufacturers of the same.

This is the place where you can buy Diwali diyas or traditional earthen lamps throughout the year. Each shop has a huge dump of the diyas outside for you to choose from.

Terracotta Handicrafts Shopping in Delhi

This ceramic and terracotta pottery market gives an ethereal joy as you can give your home a complete makeover without burning a large hole in your pocket! The pricing cannot be said to be cheap exactly, but with some bargain, you will definitely get your shopping done that is worth every penny.

So, next time you plan to buy online home decor products, give this place a quick try. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Terracotta Handicrafts Wind Chimes Shopping In Delhi

Looking for Food Photography props in India?

This place is a heaven for food styling props. If you are a product photographer in Delhi, then you are in luck because this place offers amazing food photography styling options which would take your photography up by few notches.


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Here, you can see I have shot a pic for Tapioca Pearl Stir-fry or Sabudana Pulao using some of the props I bought from the Malviya Nagar Ceramic shops. I will keep updating this post for some more Food Photography prop stores in Delhi. Stay tuned!

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