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Kumro Chechki or Bengali Pumpkin Stir-Fry Recipe

Kumro Chechki Recipe

100% Original Bengali Kumro Torkari or Stir-fried Pumpkin Recipe with classic spice combination of mustard seeds, hing, and green chilies. This kumror chechki is made typically for breakfast or evening snacks to be served with luchis or porotas. What’s interesting about this pumpkin sabzi is that it comes together in absolutely no time.

Kumro bhaate recipe

Kumro Bhaate | Bengali Mashed Pumpkin Recipe

This Kumro Bhaate, also known as ‘kumro bhorta’ is a simple Bengali side dish where kumro or pumpkin is cooked till soft and tender and then mashed with a couple of ingredients. This kumro bhate recipe is mostly served with rice for a lunch meal and is consumed at the beginning of the meal.