3 Steps to Reach Your Inner soul with Kurmasana- Tortoise Pose

It’s hard to escape the harsh realities of life no matter who we are or what we do. Though the grass always seems greener on the other side, almost everyone is well acquainted with the long and never-ending inner battles. But every maze has an escape and every puzzle has a solution.  We humans are lucky because we are gifted with ‘hope’, to continue with our life’s journey. But the journey becomes meaningful when we dwell deep and this inward focus can lead us to infinite possibilities and wonders. This realization is not a modern phenomenon as the expression was devised and harnessed thousands of years back by ‘Rishis’ (holy men) and gave rise to the concept of  YOGA – a science which teaches us to use our body and mind to reach our deeper soul and finally leads to everlasting health, wealth and inner happiness. Today, before talking about food and recipes, let us discuss about Yoga asana, Kurmasana. 

It is our inward journey which leads us to happiness and yoga is the only vehicle which can take us there.

Kurmasana (tortoise pose) is one among such innumerable Yoga asanas, which is highly effective and relevant in today’s world and can empower you to embark on an inward journey which you have never experienced before.

This yoga asana is a three-step process towards reaching the goal and while you practice this yoga over a period of time you will notice a sense of balance in your life. According to B.K.S. Iyengar in Light on Yoga, “This asana tones the spine, activates the abdominal organs, and keeps one energetic and healthy.” Additionally, the posture ‘soothes the nerves of the brain’.

Here are the three steps which will lead you towards a new life, full of poise, energy and balance:

Step 1

For this step, sit with your legs stretched straight in front of you.  Slightly widen your legs so that your heels touch the outer edge of your yoga mat.  Bend your legs a little less than 90 degrees. Place your right shoulder underneath your right leg and place your thumb on the back of your right calf muscles. Do the same with your left shoulder and left leg. Stretch your arms so that your arms and legs form a 90 degree angle followed by squeezing your legs towards one another.

Step 2

For step two, you have to stretch your arms back with the palms up.

Step 3

The basic posture remains the same. You just have to bend your elbow and reach the back of your waistline so that you can clasp your hands around the back of your waistline.

Remember, if your legs spread wide, it would be impossible to clasp your hand. So try to put your shoulders as far under your legs and squeeze your legs together. If you stretch your arms away from your body, you can easily clasp them. Hold this posture for 30 seconds to 1 minute and release.

Over a period of few practices you will notice great changes. Even after your first practice you will feel the difference. As said by B.K.S. Iyengar “after completing it one feels refreshed, as though one had woken up from a long undisturbed sleep.”



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